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Tactics 4-1-2-1-2 Beast Morpher {2-3-3-2}

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Hi everyone

Although, i may not have been interacting actively on this platform but i must say, i've been catching some tips😊.

Now down to the business of the day! I'd love to introduce this tactics called BEAST MORPHER

One thing to understand is that STAMINA is required to make every tactics work well



Basically, the idea of using 2 IWBs is to have more players in the midfield when we have the ball and the "player marking" is for them to mark wide players when we do not have the ball.

In this kind of tactics where we 2 players in defense when we are in possession you need a Sweeper Keeper to cover ground or an "offside trap" in case of lose ball.

The combination of RP and BBMs? Yeah, i got the idea from Black hawk. The addition of the AM, Attacking Midfielder is to have a player in the midfield as well as going forward. The RP + BBM + AM are the key players in the squad, so you should get the best

I went for "Disciplined" so that they can maintain the tactical instruction!


I thought well we have more players in the middle of the park so why not press "all over"


"Look for Overlap" is the most overlook final third instruction on this platform but it is also powerful with the right set of player roles.






This is actually one of my toughest games


Beating Madrid in UCL final is not for everyone😂



Player stats


Vitinha got the most goals maybe because of his aggression but he saw that much game because of his STAMINA




This is my full strength team all though most are tired😂






And with my 2 losses coming from PSG


Although, this is an attacking football but we always dominate possession atleast an average of 55% per game

No transfer was made for this test

This is plug and play

Finally, remember you need the right players to make every tactics work

Good morales in the squad, fair stamina and so on


Thank you

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I am wondering whether RP at DMC will run forward if you already have an AM at AMC position? 

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The RP doesn't go way forward just that as the attack progress he also move forward - yet still maintaining the central positioning like a natural CM

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thank you for this tactic, it worked very well for me. 

helps that is a lot like my old FM2005 tactic.

If it helps others, i changed the RP to DLP so that the defensive midfielder would not drift about too much, and also shifted the defence line and closing down to mid for even more defensive stability. to compensate, i changed the AM to a SS to get a bit more central threat into the box. Minor tweaks to improve the overall defence of my team, probably specific to my squad.

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Tried your tactic with Real Madrid… my best ever season! The only change i made is the AM into a SS and you can see the results with Messi as a SS! Pure briliance this tactic! I love it! Thx mate









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