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Career Mikey will soon TT !!! Season 6 Completed

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Posted (edited)

Attempting TT Challenge!!! 

In Scotland !! 

Celtic !! 

Players for this challenge!!! 

Mikey moore


Will lankshear


& Jude Soonsup-bellScreenshot_20240504_071212.thumb.jpg.463a8daa56fc732491fada7a06a82171.jpg

2 of them signed as free agent!!! And 1 I brought with exchanging player Abada and 50% sell !!! 


Season 1 :: transfer!!!

transfer in!!




Brought in a some good defenders smalling, burn and pirola !!! And some very good mid fielders like wateru endo , Nypan and Archie gray !!! Sign some free agents like young and Lacey as Lw and RW !!! And lastly signed one the best mentor in the game Christopher trimmel

As he can mentor any one expect GK !!


Transfer out :::





Sell almost all the players !!! Some in mid season!! Abada , tillo , maeda , yang were exchanged!! For soon , pirola, gray & Nypan !!! 







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Season 1

Manager & Team performance:::: 

Manager profile & Stats 


Playing with 3-4-3 formation lost only 5 games and 4 of them in CL !!! Although i test this tactics in Spanish league  also where my team was 1st in 1st half and with more than 5 point and played 1 less game than 2nd team of the table !!! 

3 at back is very solid if u have very good defenders!! Smalling is old but very strong in any league + good mentor same as Burn !!! 

Team Performance in compititions :: 


Scored over 100 in 1st season in league

Winning both the cups lost in quarter finals though in CL !! but that's not the problem qualify in CL round of 16 is enough for this team !!! 

Players Injury:::: 


1 month injury for Lankshear at November and missed almost 5 to 6 games though I rest my young strikers in CL games !!! 

Players performance + Development

Mikey moore


Improving very nicely!!! Heading and not improving his stamina but that's not a problem as he is too young will improve his stamina next few seasons!!! 

Scored 17 goals in season 1 

Will lankshear



Becoming physically strong in 1st season!!! Scoring 19 goals in 38 games he played missed 1 month because of injury 🤕!! 

Jude Soonsup-bell


scored 29 goals in 43 games he played developing nicely as he is 20 now so no stopping for his devlopment!!! 

Total goals count 

Mikey      :17

WIll         :19

Soon.     :29 

total.      : 65

65 goals in season 1 which is very good 😊😊!! 


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How to got all players aerial up this quick.

I am attempting 1kc with Van Persie and his aerial is stuck at 14 and doesn't improving. What can I do to improve his aerial?

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2 hours ago, MegaBoi said:

How to got all players aerial up this quick.

I am attempting 1kc with Van Persie and his aerial is stuck at 14 and doesn't improving. What can I do to improve his aerial?

Use 2 fitness coach+ youth coach or General coach !!! As general coaches slightly improve fitness!!! It's all depends on ur system if u get enough balls on head of the striker he will improve his heading!!! Otherwise 3 fitness coach can't improve ur striker's  heading!!!

Avoid using AP - DLP RP in 1st few seasons!!! 

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Posted (edited)

Season ----- 2 



signing only 1 estevo and got few players without contracts and selling players who don't improving much and those who not fit in to my tactics!!! 

( Manager profile and stats )


incredible season goals wise not only scored many  but also defending was top notch!! Smalling and Burn was out standing this season!!! 



Old is gold 🥇🥇 Carrillo and Dost Beating one the toughest team in CL !!! 


New stars born !!! Winning CL on just 2nd season is incredible never did this before!!! Some solid defence is the key of this success!!! All young guns fired in the finals !!! 


MIkey :::: 


Improving his stamina and strength Scoring 39 goals in 46 games !!! 



Improving overall physical abilities!!! But not improving scoring!!! Scored 19 goals in 46 games his played



Improving aerial+ physical Stats!!! And scoring as well!! Scored 39 goals 46 games his played !!! 

Total goals count after season 2 ::: 

Mickey ::: 56 

will.      ::: 38

Soon.  ::: 68

Total:  :::162

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Wow, 2nd season with Celtic, superb effort!!


Trio are looking pretty class already,

Should manage this easy

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Posted (edited)

season ----- 3 


Transfer out


SOLD TOBI , Sead and some of without contracts players who I signed for improving my transfer fund !!! So when I need I sell them what ever money I get from selling them !!! 

Transfer in


Brought lucca , fresneda , debest 

Exchange koopmeiners+8 mil. for Fresneda !!! 

Lucca is replacement of dost !! And debest is replacement of smalling !!! 

( Manager Profile & stats )


Lost CL semifinal vs R.madrid !!! Other than it's a good year for overall team !!! 

Compitition :::---:::


Winning super cup young guns fired again 🎉 !!!! 

PLayers Injury:::----::::


Soon injured during match and out for the month !!! and missed  all the matches of remaining league !! He was in top form !!! 

Players stats & devlopment:::---:::

MIkey ::--:: 


Improving stamina and dribbling creativity but not improving scoring!!! 

Infact declining in scoring from last season scored only 22 goal in 47 games !!! 

Will ::--::


will is incredible this season improving his speed stamina and scoring as well!! 

Scored 54 goals in 51 games he played 

Soon ::--::


Soon was on fire in CL but he was injured before all important final semifinal which cost us match !! As old strikers r now too old but they still put up good fight and lost by a single goal margin vs R.madrid !!! 

Soon scored 53 goals in 47 games he played !!! 


TILL SEASON 2 ::::---:::: 


season 3 total 

Mikey ::--:: 22 

Will.    ::--:: 54

Soon. ::--:: 53

Total. ::--::129

Total goal scored till season 3 ::--:: 

129+162 :::---::: 291 Goals 


Edited by P.Rahul
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Posted (edited)

Season 4:::-----::::

Transfers !!!!



Big signings this season able to brought Frenkie de Jong with whopping 105M !!!Broght Gk Kesper Tobiasz as he is very good mentor and good influence on the squad and permanent captain untill I find even better than him i preferred GK as a captain as they hardly getting injured in this game so I preferred 2 highly influential Gk for captaining my squad!!! And rest r wonder kids !!!!!! which was scouted by my First team scouts !!! 

Transfers !!!!



Only Fresneda i bought earlier and he was not improving his crossing so I have to sell him !!!others was without contracts i offer contract and sell them to rise fund for big signings and improving wage as mikey is very ambitious and by the end of this challenge he might demand over 700-800k per week !!! I have to manage very big money to keep him this team and keep his moral high !!! 

Manager stats:::---:::


170 goals in this season in league !!!

Lost very early in CL though despite topping the chart in group stage !!! 

Players injury:::--:::



Mikey was out for 3 week this season !!! he was out for 2 weeks earlier seasons I not including other players other wise NYPAN should top the chart he was injured in 2nd season after playing in just five games for 9 months !!! 

Players stats and development:::----:::

MIKEY ::--::


Improving Aerial and creativity but not improving scoring!!! Attribute suggest he is beast but not performing as off now as good as he is !!! Scored 24 goals in 43 games he played 

Will ::--::


will is turning the table now after quiet 2 season he is showing what he is capable to do !!! Scoring 62 goals this season in 51 games!!! 

Soon ::--::


soon scored 44 goals in this seasons he need to scores big as he is oldest among the 3 to compete this challenge!!! 500 Goals will not be easy for him as he has to share his goals with 2 other strikers and sooner or later Mikey will take the charge of scoring for this team !!! 

National team Management ::--::


England offers me manager's post and I happily accepted i want more goals for my TT Challenge!!! 

Total goals count till season 3 

291 goals ::--::

season 4 goals ::--::

MIKEY.   ::--::  24 + 2 INT = 26 

WILL      ::--::   62 + 6 INT = 68 

SOON.   ::--::   44+ 12INT = 56 

Season 4 total goals.      = 152


SEASON 4 = 152 + 291   =   443 goals 

WIth this speed this challenge wii complete in 15 seasons !! I hope so ;!! 

Edited by P.Rahul
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season 5 ::----:: 




Signing few wonder kids that's all !!!!



not sell many infact I released many this years as they r not improving after 3-4 years of experience!!! 

As they r not getting even loan offers from other clubs so I have to released them !!! 

Manager's stats::--:: 

season 5


Scoring whopping 190 goals this season in the league & again win CL title this year !!! 



Winning CL beating FC Bayern in the Finals !!! 

PLAYERS stats & devlopment!!!

Mikey ::--:::


Mikey is now contributing both ways this season not only he scored many he assisted many !!! Contributing in 80 goals and Scored 44 goals this season improving his last years performance!!!and improving his creativity to 17 even without mentoring!!! Incredible !!

Will ::---::


Will is undoubtedly strongest striker of  this team as of now !! With 20 strength and 18 pace!!! And he is showing that start doesn't matter if u r good enough u will get results in the ur favour!!! He is not strongest in term of mental attributes but still he is doing wonder with his physicality!!!!! And his selfishness doing the trick here !!!!! I wasn't happy he was not improving his teamwork despite i train him as PF but that's works in his favour now!! When ever he has chance he try to score for him self 🤣🤣!! Despite he has very good passing skill !!!

Scored 69 goals in 57 games he played !!!

Soon ::---::



Soon is maintaining his 50 goals season

he is in central in forward trio as he got very good finishing skill he can score from out of the box very good free kick taker !!! Scored 49 goals in 57 games he played !!!

Goals count ::::---:::: 

Till Season 4 ::::---:::: 443 

Season 5 goals count ::::---::::

Mikey ::::---:::: 44 + 4 INT = 48 

Will.    ::::---:::: 69 + 7 INT = 76

Soon. ::::---:::: 49 + 5 INT = 54

Total Goals of S5 ::::---::::   178

Combined total after season 5 

Goals scored till  S4 ::::---:::: 443

Goals scored in S5   ::::---:::: 178

Total no. Of goals scored

After S5 is                 ::::---::::  621

I Was hoping 150 goals season and they scoring 178 very happy 😁😁 with this performance!!! Even 150 goals season will do the trick I was not hoping big no. 150 is great 👍 !!! Six more seasons if they countinue to play this way and score this way !!!!!

taking break for now !!! 1st time I played this quick !!! This challenge will resume after some time !!! Hope i not losing interest 😁😁 hope i able to complete this target is very reachable now and I have very strong team !!! 

I need tips how to play quick every season !!! & Thanks for reading!!! 

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2 hours ago, mateusz1621 said:
Will you show me your tactics

I will share my tactics when I finish the challenge!!!! 

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Season 6 :::----:::: 

Manager stats :::---:::: 


Lost in supercup vs Chelsea!!!! And won everything after that !!! 

196 goals in total this season!!! 

NEWS :::---:::


LOL !!! 🤣🤣 What kind of entertainment they want i don't understand!!! Can any one explain??? 

Players stats and development:::--::

Mikey ::---::


He is still improving his attributes!!!now 21 and already scored 200 and assisted 111 !!! Improving his dribbling+ pace + scoring this season!!! Scored 53 goals in 61 games he played !!!

Will ::---::


This season he performed like a legend even In CL won best player's of the year !!! Scoring 2 goals in the finals of CL and scoring 73 goals in 62 games he played !!! More than 1 goal per game !!! Where 2 other strikers r definitely better than him !!! He will easily hit his 500 goals target within 4-5 season from now !!! 

Soon ::---::


He is not only scored many but provide very good assistant also !!!! Change in tactics works for him and even other 2 guys !!! Scored 74 goals and 22 assist!!! In 62 games he played !!! 

Total goals count after season 6 ::---::

Goals till season 5 ::::----:::: 621 

Goals in Season 6 :::---:::

Mikey ::---:: 53 + 09 INT = 62 

Will.   ::---:: 73 + 05 INT = 78

Soon ::---:: 74 + 11 INT = 85

Total Goals of S6 ::--::  = 225 

Combined total after Season 6 

Goals scored till S5 :::----::: 621 

Goals scored in S6 :::----::: 225 

Total no. Of goals scored 

After S6                  :::----::: 846

Another big season this was targeting 150-170 and achieving 225 goals is out standing performance by 3 Super strikers!!!

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