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European Super League 1.0.1

3 Screenshots

European Super League! A quick and light version based on the three-division Northern Ireland League structure, which has a fun promotion and relegation system. Money will be tight in the first season, as financiers are unconvinced of the viability of the league. I've added a number of other European clubs to the lower leagues but as always be sure to set the news filter to National. 


With thanks to @NguyenDucAnh & @MrCaseiro

Turn off auto-update - this database is made for version 14.0.1, and also works with 14.1.0. However, any database update e.g. the winter transfer update may break it. So turn off auto update and then check in here when there's a new version of the game.


Caution - as always with modding, backup your files!

  • Close FMM23.
  • Download the two files attached - database.zip and changes.txt
  • Go to android/ data/ com.sega.soccer.eleven/ files/ Application_Support/ Sports Interactive/ FM 2023 Mobile/ Caches and delete the two files in there.
  • Copy changes.txt to android/data/com.sega.soccer.eleven/files/
  • Go to sigames/documents/sports interactive/FM2023 Mobile and create a new folder called "database"
  • Extract the contents of database.zip to this new folder.
  • Open FMM23. Go to Settings and User Interface and reload skin.
  • Start a new game as Northern Ireland. Do not add any European leagues. If you add Australia you will get my South East Asian Super League. 




What's New in Version 1.0.1


Slight update to make the finances better. 

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@Pete123can you show me how to extract file packed.fmf to see club.dat file or nation.dat ...etc.

Like this:


i cant see any file like that in my data game folder. Just like that


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How do you got these file to edit super league. I known how to use Hex. But on fmm 23, they have only file packed.fmf. I cant see any file kike club.dat

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