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Career Road To 1966


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What’s up guys Jeffrey here and Road To 1966 is here! This England based series will see me try to take England back to World Glory! Maybe even further! Enjoy!



Road To 1966 - Introduction

I’m playing on the enhanced engine for a change this time and I feel it would make a difference for a spectacular journey, with my first game coming up at mid August against Ireland, I’ve decided to pick a few players for my main England squad to test them out, youngsters like Jordan Ibe have also been picked.

Here’s the first initial squad:



As I’ve said, there was a game against Ireland, and the friendly pumped me up, hoping for it to lead me to a first managerial win for England.


So, how did I do? Let’s take a look below!


Two goals from young Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson proves crucial as a Wes Hoolahan own goal adds to our 3-0 tally, while James McCarthy of Everton claws one back for Ireland, we were able to hold on and get a 3-1 win over Ireland in the friendly of dreams!


Next Update: September 2015 - October 2015, End of Euro Championship 2016 Qualifiers


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Road To 1966 - Update 1

In this update, we’ll be seeing the last matches of the Euro 2016 championship qualifiers, and prepare for upcoming competitions (we still haven’t qualified yet!

Unfortunately I deleted the screenshots … wow myself …


let’s go!


We’ve got 4 last games to play against: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and San Marino.


Game 1: Slovenia (3-0 Win)

A great strike by Wayne Rooney from 25 yards starts the scoring with Ross Barkley and John Stones two Everton boys adding into the goalscoring tally.


Game 2: Czech Republic (2-0 Win)

Czech Republic without Cech. We exploited that and Ross Barkley’s first and Jordan Henderson’s second make a boring game end in a 2-0 result, loving it.


Game 3: Switzerland (3-3 Draw)

As I’ve already qualified I decided to play some really unusual players, like Mason Holgate, Oxlade Chamberlain, Mike Smalling and James Wilson score to cross out Shaqiri’s hat trick.


Game 4: San Marino (1-0 Win)

Another game with rested players and a really boring game and James Wilson score to seal us the win!


Thanks for viewing guys and again, so sorry for deleting the photos!

I’m making sure it’s not happening next time!

Next Update: 2016 European Championships


P.S. 2016 European Championships Update tomorrow?? :)

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3 hours ago, tomppasson said:

Nice start! Good luck with this :)

Since when are you back?? Thanks :)

5 hours ago, 44_veezy said:

Call-up Jamie Vardy, you have to.

Interesting tho so far, we will see if you can pickup some silverware :P :)


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Road To 1966 - Update 2

Now, we were into the European Championships easily, but could we do good and get good results in this part of the save? Before results, let’s look at the squad!


So, that was the squad, some shock includements and disincludements for the squad and I’m actually so excited for this Euro 2016 championships.


Group Stage

So, our group consisted of us, Hungary, Germany and Denmark, the whole team was very excited for the possibilities laid in front of us. So without further a-do, L-E-T-S-G-O-!-!-!


Game 1: VS Denmark (1-1 Draw)


Despite dominating the game, we did not at all perform that well, infact we performed badly against not quite good Denmark, we were scraping through with a 1-0 victory though until Poulsen scores for Denmark and they snatch an undeserved 1-1 draw in the first game of our Euros 2016


Game 2: VS Hungary (2-0 Win)


James Wilson replacing Danny Welbeck was the star of this game with 2 goals in the first 30 minutes, as with a lot of these games we dominated the game for the whole of it and had a well deserved victory, which was snatched by James Wilson.


Game 3: VS Germany (5-0 Win)


Now here was supposed to be the big one, but Germany, without their license, did not seem to come up to the big game, winning their last two games they only need a draw to come first, but instead they lost heavily to us, 5-0 with Danny Welbeck as the star man with 2 goals and an assist.


So, here was the group table, of Group A.



We were through to the knockout stages of the cup! Exciting times!


European Football Championship 2016, Second Round

England VS Czech Republic


Goalscorers: John Stones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

England dominated the game and we did a great job in seeing out Czech Republic, despite Cech making some very good saves, he wasn’t able to save Czech out of a defeat.


European Football Championship 2016, Quarter Final

England VS Austria


Goalscorers: Nathaniel Chalobah, James Wilson (2), Martin Harnik

With another quite easy draw (no offence), we snatch a 3-1 win with James Wilson the star by scoring 2 goals.


European Football Championship 2016, Semi Finals

England VS Romania


Goalscorers: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlein, Wayne Rooney

Why Romania? Anyways two goals from Oxlade and Rooney make us go through to the mighty final. Noteworthy that Romania only had 2 shots.


European Football Championship 2016, FINALS

England VS Spain


Goalscorers: Wayne Rooney (2), Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Diego Costa

AMAZING! We seem to win big everytime we come up to a strong team, and this time it’s no exception!


We Win the European Football Championships 2016!



Thanks guys, it’s been amazing!

Stay tuned for the next update: World Cup 2018 Qualifiers (Part 1)

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Road To 1966 - Update 3

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers is here! The World Cup 2018 Qualifiers is split by the Confederations Cup, and it is how I’m going to split the updates! Hope you enjoy!


So, here is World Cup 2016 European Qualifying Section, Group 6


As you can see, quite an easy group and I’ll certainly be hoping for a 1st place finish :)


Now, because this is only qualifiers, I’ll not do write ups, but instead I’ll let you guys see for yourselves, the screenshots would say it all really.


Game 1 - Ms2zHCy.png


Game 2 - 6UGvnBp.png


Game 3 - PtVAANY.png


Game 4 - fbBiSSv.png


Group Table and Game 6 (Skipped Game 5)

Easy Group, and We’ve got great results!




Next Update - WC 2018 Qualifiers Game 7, Confederations Cup

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World Cup 2018!!!!!


A fairly easy group and we should storm through this :) 


Selection! Matthew Ross Shock :0





Although losing to Ghana, we scraped through a top of the table finish, can we win :0



Second Round


An easy tie against Austria, and their star player David Alaba cannot stop us from winning 1 0 and go through.

Quarter Finals


Seriously USA? No way mate haha we win 2 0 against (no-offence) USA Soccer Team

Semi Finals


Ukraine. 2 1 win in the semis,enjoyed the match throughout, it was good playing against Ukraine, it did not really raise up a challenge.



Now, you know we have a good account against Germany.


The result is...




Star IS




What a game!!



We have done it!

ROAD TO 1966 Complete!


Thanks guys :) 

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