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Challenges Bankruptcy challenge


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 First of all,  I would like to thank @Ashez for encouraging me to create a new challenge.           


Over the course of time, many clubs who were giants at their time have now declined to lowly levels and have been financially handicapped or even worse liquidated. Take Portsmouth for example, before the turn of the decade they were one of the top teams in BPL and were the holders of the FA cup, but now they are languishing in the league two, but this challenge does not include portsmouth instead it will focus on other clubs which have bankrupt status. In fmm  all the clubs which have bankrupt status are in the portuguese second league. Now 



        The Aim of the challenge:

To make it easier to understand I have split this challenge into two parts. 

                        Part 1:

  • Start the game as any one of the bankrupt clubs
  • To complete the challenge you must win four CL titles and two four CWC titles each with atleast two clubs (eight CL and eight CWC titles in total) 

                      Part 2:

This part is completely optional if you think the first part is hard enough but i recommend this one, it makes the challenge more interesting 

  • You must choose a striker,  he can be signed anytime but only during your stay at the first club, he MUST be portuguese. 
  • I am not sure how many of you have heard of Pauleta but he was at a time the highest scoring striker in the portugal NT, now the aim is to take one striker with you and make him score 800 league goals  and break the current international goal scoring record ( i suggest taking control of the NT) 
  • He must win the WPOY atleast once

In case you finish the challenge way too soon you can wait for the psg job to become available and move there with your striker. You can try to break Ibra's goal scoring record. 


  • No unlockables unless they are unlocked throughout the save except sugar daddy which u must refuse
  • Only own tactics 
  • Photo evidence is required. ( I suggest starting a career thread) 


I will be posting my attempt very soon. ??

Edited by Harish
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