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Chat Glitch?

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So at half time i was tapping the tactics button then this happened. So when it was at half time i clicked play then it said full time 

Has this happened to anyone else or is it normal for this to happen?



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And i think i found another glitch here it shows that the other team have 11 players on the pitch no red cards but on tactics it shows 9 players 









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The first problem is something we are aware of and is caused by minimizing the app at a very specific moment of the match. 

The second one is odd, I'll have a look into it. Do you remember doing anything specifically odd before it happened? Any way to reproduce? Minimizing the app during this match aswell? Could be your skin but is worth looking into.

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i didn't minimize the app i think the first one was because i clicked the tactics button at the same time i clicked play or something like that and the second one i don't know what happened i was watching the match the whole time i didn't exit or minimize it.

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If you have it happen again please let us know, also could you let me know what device you are using and what match engine settings?

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