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Challenges The UEFA Euro 2016 Squad Challenge


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So it seems that I wasn't alone in thinking about this challenge, thanks to @Noble_choicewho first posted this idea but I thought I would set the challenge properly, hope that is ok?

The UEFA Euro 2016 Squad Challenge



So with the Euro's in full swing here is the ultimate challenge to test the skills of any FMM manager.

Can you manage your team of 24 players from 24 countries to glory?

Challenge Rules

1. Load up any European based countries and take charge of any club. A big budget is gonna be needed here as you look to change the squad.

2. You need to change your squad so that you have 24 players only, one player from each of the countries taking part in the Euro 2016 and they are -


3. All transfers to complete your squad must be done in the Summer Transfer Window. Your squad of 24 will then be used throughout the season. You cannot change some of your players in the January window. You may sign additional players but these must be play in the first team. At the end of season you can change your squad, if you like but then have 24 players from all countries ready for the start of the next season.

4. Win as many trophies as you can, see how far you can go.

5. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors

6. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow.

7. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!

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This is gonna be difficult but that the fun :) 

Is there any team you personally recommend as they have many players from different nations and good transfer budget?


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Well, I'm in my third season of this challenge, will post my career so far soon. I started with Real as I know they have many positions covered by top European players. The big plus here is Bale from a Welsh point of view. Big budget and you can raise lots more cash as the offers come in for the big players you don't need.

I know that @Noble_choicestarted with City, again a big budget club with many positions covered. Barca and Atletico are ok but mainly have South American themes in their squads. Chelsea and Arsenal could be good too. Also Dortmund can be an option as I know from experience the offers fly in for the big players almost straight away. You can get big money for Kagawa, Mkhitaryan and Reus.

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4 minutes ago, Taff said:

Looks interesting dude, look forward to seeing how you get on

Thanks, its tough to get the balance throughout the squad but you need all those players when you are playing in all the competitions.

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15 hours ago, Noble_choice said:

You explained this much better than I couls, this challenge is very tough 

Thanks, it defiantly a tough one try to get all the players sorted out. Also to plan ahead too, fun though.

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