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Tactics 4-1-1-3-1 tactic help


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Okay guys so I started managing man Utd but the thing is I want to use a 4-1-1-3-1 formation with the cam as an inside forward so he can be scoring goals but I just can't figure out what player roles to use or instructions can someone at least try and help. I'd really appreciate it.


Here is the tactic✌?️   



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First your defence is way to open you have two WB's and a BPD who are encouraged to come forward with the ball leaving just your LD to hold the fort 

Second your crowding the box with players your have a Teq who's mulling around looking for space two IF's who are trying to cut inside to the goal and a BBM who's trying to get in there as well

Here's my suggestion

Starting at the back go with either WB's a CD and LD or go with FB's a BPD and LD

Change your BBM to a CM

Your IF behind the Striker change to an AP your AP on the Right to a Winger to give the team an outlet and have your striker as either a ADF of PCR

Then play around with the instructions I almost always play Balanced, Mixed, Mixed, Mixed, Commited and sometimes Pressing and you need a solid defensive line to pull off the Offside trap

Hope this helps a little 


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If I understood correctly Taff is right..bpd and ld can't work..bpd goes forward and there is bog gap between him and ld..so either ld cd or bpd cd

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