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FMM 2017 Wonderkids - Fran Villalba

FMM2017 Wonderkids - Fran Villalba

If you’re looking for those wonderkids that you hope will blossom into world-class players, Spain’s probably the place to go.

After scouting almost every Spaniard aged under 21, one stood out from the rest. While most the scout reports came back as ‘Your assistant manager thinks ‘so and so’ will be a decent player, there was one which contained the words ‘world-class’.

Now, I know I’m using FMM 2016 for this, but I also have the latest summer update, so the FMM 2017 stats won’t be too far off.

So, here he is, attacking midfielder Fran Villalba...

jul 15.png

As you can see straight away, his technique is the stand-out stat, with 17 out of 20. Not bad for a 17-year-old. His dribbling, passing and creativity skills aren’t too shabby either, with the rest of his stats average.

Now, let’s simulate until October 2015...

October 2015.png

His dribbling and passing skills have gone up one to 15, and now highlighted in green, with his value also doubling from £2.2m to £4.6m in two months.

You may also have noticed the fact he’s been given a new contract, expiring now in 2020, instead of 2016. Valencia his future with them.

Let’s now simulate to February 2017, to see how he’s doing…

feb 17.png

As expected, everything has improved. His value has gone up to £9m now, with his dribbling and passing skills both moving up to 17. He’s also been promoted to the Valencia first team, proving again that they see him as a future star.

Villalba is a player you most definitely should sign as soon as possible. I played around with offers for Villalba in July 2015 of the save, and managed to get him for £5m, which is affordable for most Premier League clubs, and even some Championship clubs (I’m looking at you, Newcastle United).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and if you think I should do more of these. Thanks for reading.

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Structured well with a suitable level of engaging detail. Enjoyed reading that. I've often seen Villalba secure a big money move on my saves and it's easy to see why. That stamina could be an issue though.

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9 hours ago, lishane1905 said:

His stamina and movement was a big issue in my games but he pays off his price tag.One of my most used playmakers this year.

Agreed. Energetic and frequent movement is a key part of the Advanced Playmaker role and he lacks both. It might therefore work to try and convert him into a deeper lying player.

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2 hours ago, UKFootballScore said:

Whats been edited in the save?? anything edited on the player will boost certain stats 

Nothing has been edited. i discovered Villalba while on my Aberdeen save and scouted him. Once he came back as a possible world-class player, I went onto my Dundalk save which was in 2017 to check how he was doing and where was, and then finally started a new save at Arsenal (July 2015) to check what he looked like at the start.

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