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Tactics In need of a lower league tactic


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Hey everyone. I’m in need of a LLM tactic. I’ve recently been sacked as manager of Braintree a club who according to the board should challenge for the title and I was 15th in the league, also struggled with other lower teams including Bromley and Solihull Moors I just can’t seem to get a good tactic tried a few of this site too. So if anyone has one for lower teams please post.

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I use 4-4-2 on my Telford save


Contain/Normal Tempo/Normal Play

Offside trap on/Committed tackling/Normal press

Work the overlap/work into box/run at defenders/mixed passing and GK distro

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The question is are your players capable of following these instructions. What roles are your 2 central midfielders? These 2 are your engine room and linked to defence as well as attack. Could you upload your team in their roles to give us more information.A key factor for me is decisions. Low decisions will inevitably lead to errors causing your team to fail regardless of whatever instructions you have given them.

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In lower leagues, Pace is best on strikers. Just go with the basic 4-3-2-1. FB CD CD FB - AP, BWM/BBM/W - IF/SS - Poacher

I use, Counter/Balanced/Fast Tempo/Balanced Freedom

Deep/All Over/Normal Tackling

Early Crosses/Through Balls ----------> This is the best option IMO for Pacey strikers as they chase the ball and have some good clear cut or shots on target

Mixed Passing Style/Mixed Focus/Long GK Distribution.

I'm using Havant & W and that worked for me until I reached Sky League Championship. In the Championship, I use my YOLO tactics.


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I just started with Coventry if you can call that a lower league team but they are in League 2 so thought it was worth a try to maybe bring them back up again.

Used my own tactic:



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