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Career An Irish Football Fan's Pilgrimage

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An Irish Football Fan's Pilgrimage - The Challenge

It's been a while since I've written on Vibe. Some of you may remember last year I started a challenge where I attempted to get Manchester 62 Gibraltar FC and the Gibraltar National Team to the top of world football (the keyword there is 'attempted') 

Now I am back with another challenge, a different one. This challenge will see me move all around the world to different cities, cities that are regarded by many Irish fans as places of huge importance to the Republic of Ireland national team.

This challenge will see me travel to Stuttgart (venue of Ireland's first game in a major tournament, Euro 1988, a 1-0 victory against England), Genoa (venue of Ireland's 5-4 penalty shootout victory over Romania, which saw them advance to the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup), New Jersey (venue of Ireland's 1-0 victory over Italy in the 1994 World Cup group stage), Ibaraki (venue of Ireland's 1-1 draw with Germany at the 2002 World Cup, famous for Robbie Keane's last minute equaliser), Lille (venue of Ireland's 1-0 victory over Italy at Euro 2016, which saw Ireland advance to the knockout stages of the Euros for the first time) and Cardiff (venue of Ireland's 1-0 victory over Wales in 2018 World Cup Qualifying, which saw Ireland snatch 2nd place in the group and advance to the playoffs).

My goal will be to take over clubs from each of these cities and win their respective top division and cup within 5 seasons. 

I will make a different save for each club, as it would be impossible to do it all in one save. 

Now without further ado, let's begin! The first club will be...





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VFB Stuttgart - Season One - Pre-season

So our journey begins in Stuttgart, the city where Ireland played their first ever game in a major tournament, and won it. It was a 1-0 win over historical rivals England which catapulted football in Ireland vigorously. Many see it as Ireland's most important win and you can't disagree with that. Beating England, a country who had oppressed us for hundreds of years, in our first match at a tournament? Doesn't get better than that. 

Team Report + Objectives



What I instantly took from that report was that we needed some pace and some strength in the team. Decisions also stuck out to me. After reading @FuddledFox's article on decisions, I made it a priority to make sure the players I brought in could make good decisions. 



To be honest, I expected a lot less so to see the board provide us with €17 million was a huge relief. I looked at the squad and, taking the team report into account, I decided that I had to sign a striker, an AMRL, and a centre back. 



I decided on these three players. I know from past experience that these develop into quality players and can also do a job for us right now. I was particularly impressed with Suleiman Abdullahi in our friendlies, scoring against Olymipique Lyon and Köln. Let's hope he can continue this form into the league season!

Thank you guys for reading! I'll try get an update out as soon as I can. 

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Very interesting pilgrimage (for lack of a more appropriate word :)) you're going to embark on. Well thought of too (y) goodluck! 

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4 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Very interesting pilgrimage (for lack of a more appropriate word :)) you're going to embark on. Well thought of too (y) goodluck! 

Thanks mate

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Updates Until October 28th 2017

We've played 10 league games so far, 2 cup games as well. Let's see how Stuttgart are doing! 

League Table



Well would you look at that! Top of the league! Keep in mind our objective at the start of the save was to avoid relegation. Incredible stuff from the lads so far, but I still have yet to play Bayern and Dortmund in the league (I'm terrified of them tbh)

Average Ratings



Some solid average ratings here. Akolo appears to be in great form. Some would say it's because he is a quality winger, other would say it's because he's only played 1 game as he's always injured :P I'll let you make up your mind on that.

Beck has been solid, great wing back. Abdullahi, Reynoso and Asono have been great too.

Impressive Players



Great Winger/Inside Forward. Can only get better as he has a lot of potential.


Been playing him as an inside forward and he's been perfect. Couldn't ask for more from the lad. Unfortunate that he has to go back to the Emirates at the end of the season.

All Results So Far




As you can see, we actually were knocked out of the cup by Bayern Munich (hence why I said I'm terrified of them). But besides that our league form has been great.

Thank you guys for reading! Where do you think we'll finish? Let me know!

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