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Career We are family! My own attempt.


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We Are Family!

So i created this challenge so i really thought i should give it a go.


The basic premise is to build a team with as few surnames as possible and score as many points as possible.

The Club

I decided that i would need a rich club in order to build a good enough team for this challenge. So I made an obvious choice.


I know, this is like using a cheat code but hey, I am playing for a spot at the top.

I will reveal how many surnames in my squad once I have shown the score.


At Paris Saint-Germain you are expected to win the league. 


and we did! Only by 4 points but a title is a title.

So that is 91 points

And 88 goals so that is 179 points before the surnames are revealed.


So here are the players I signed and used.


Transfers In



So that is right, 1 surname. Silva! With Tiago Silva also in the squad.




And that is how all the boys performed. Top marks to Joao Silva who outdid some far bigger, more expensive and better players to be my top player for the year.

Final Score


With only 1 surname in the squad I retain my 179 points. Woop woop!


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