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Chat Players?


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im managing Celtic in FMM 18 and I'm wanting to drastically improve my team in every area to be able to compete in the champions league.

what affordable players should I get 10m-15m  / must have players!?



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Check that list. Some will be out of your price range, but others comfortably within it.

I was able to get Ryan Sessegnon for 10m (you may get him cheaper), and because of injuries to Luke Shaw, he got lots of game time for me in Season 1 and has developed well already going into Season 2, at 18 years old.

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Danny Batth from wolves is decent for tht level and will cost around 8 mill...danny ings is also a good shout from liverpool and will cost around 10. 

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Mitrovic from newcastle will cost between 7-12 mill he is a very good goal scorer

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Check out the link to the Wonderkids already posted. However, if you’re too lazy to, then if you mean 10-15m a player:

Rajkovic, Mina, Caio, Arthur, Wendel, Barco, Vinicious, Scarpa, Luan

Be patient, let them develop and after a season they will be excellent. 

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