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Challenges The 2018 IAAF Diamond League Challenge


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The 2018 IAAF Diamond League Challenge


The IAAF Diamond League is an annual series of elite track and field athletic competitions. The series began with the 2010 IAAF Diamond League. It was designed to replace the IAAF Golden League, which had been held annually since 1998.

While the Golden League was formed to increase the profile of the leading European athletics competitions, the Diamond League's aim is to "enhance the worldwide appeal of athletics by going outside Europe for the first time."

In addition to the original Golden League members (except Berlin) and other traditional European competitions, the series now includes events in China, Qatar, Morocco, and the United States.

Can you complete sign the best athletes in FMM and shoot for gold?


  • This is a 4 season challenge.
  • Load up any countries from the below available list.
    • Eugene (Portland Timbers) United States
    • Rome, Italy
    • Paris, France
    • Monaco, Monaco (France
    • London, England
    • Birmingham, England
    • Brussels, Belgium
  • You can take over any club from the cities listed above. They do not have to be in the top league but have to be based in the cities listed above.
  • You must then sign 4 of the best quality athletes to entertain your crowds from the following requirements.
    • High Jump - Goalkeeper with min 15 Aerial
    • Javelin - Defender with min 15 Strength
    • 5,000 meters - Midfielder with min 15 Stamina
    • 100m - Striker with min 15 Pace
  • 4 players, 4 seasons.
  • Usual rules
  • Other transfers in and out are allowed.
  • Your seasonal score with comprise of Strikers goals, the Midfielders assists, defenders appearances minus the overall goals conceded by your goalkeeper (as listed on player history)


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