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Tactics Return Tactic, no CF (lower league)


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Hey guys and girls, its been a while but I am back with a new tactic I have just used.

This was one I have used for 2 seasons with spennymoor of the VNN league.

The Tactic 

I just decided to mess about with shapes I haven't used in the game so i went without a CF and had the attackers being players cutting inside from the wing or pushing forward from midfield areas.


3 at the back is, of course, well established in this game and likely no major surprise. The IWB is probably my favourite new role this year edging out the Anchor. In this case I use their movement to plug the midfield as the BBM bombs forward. 

Then we have the AP who will be around to clip balls in to any of the other 4 players who will be in and around the box.


The defense is set up to remain in comfortable territory and tackle hard.


Finally, on attack, with 4-5 players around the box, we go for shots whenever possible building play slowly to allow our players to get forward for those rebounds etc. Central play is important as there are no real wingers.

Player Performance


The big man arriving late in the box from midfield.


Decent goals and assists from here


These guys are essentially the front line.




Enough goals here too. 

Really the rest of the goals are spread about between the team and no one player is ever caught slacking.

Team Results


Pretty decent here with 2 seasons, 2 league wins and 2 point centuries.


The tactic clearly works. More testing to come of course and I would love any feedback guys.


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Hiya bin tryn this tactic with afc fylde but first 5 games have drawn all was wondering ifit happened to ur team and do you need to stixk at it? Cheers

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On 20/08/2018 at 12:38, ian77 said:

Hiya bin tryn this tactic with afc fylde but first 5 games have drawn all was wondering ifit happened to ur team and do you need to stixk at it? Cheers

I know its a little late but i just stuck to the tactic and it worked out

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