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Career ACF Fiorentina - Could the purples knock off Juventus?


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Good evening all,

Choosing the team

I wanted to do another season in Serie A and decided to choose ACF Fiorentina. The club has been home to great players but has also come past adversity. They seemed the perfect club to see if i could improve them and get one up on Juventus.

Stadium & Facilities

As you can see below, Fiorentina's Stadium and Facilities are great. There Stadium is meeting the current demand & their facilities are 'Impressive'.I did request the board to improve all of these but this got declined


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finances and Training

The Staff, Finances & training were great when i first joined. I improved the staff by installing Bruno Maziotti as a new Pyshio, along with amending the training to intensive. The finances were positive and roughly £32m was available to spend which is good enough to meet the boards expectations but not good enough to seriously challenge Juventus.



The Tactics were my usual Tiki Taka ones which i will cautiously say was a success. It did take considerable time to bed properly despite a winning start to the season. The DMC area was a particular problem as we saw players sent off regularly despite holding a no-tolerance 2 week fine punishment for it.


The squad

Below shows the transfers comming into & going out of Fiorentina. The squad was distinctly average in my eyes with few stand out names, it was also lacking in some Key areas such as CM,DMC and RM. Fiorentina did have a lot of young players who were not good enough at this level and were released or sold.


The results

The team finished 4th in the Serie A. This went back and fourth from 1st early on, to 2nd when Juventus found form to a dip causing us to end 4th. The expectation was to finish in a European spot so the season was a success and progress definitely made. In regards to this league, Due yo backing and results, Juventus are considerably better than every other team and catching them will be difficult.


On a brighter note, We managed to win the Coppa Italia Cup. This a fantastic Achievement and one Fiorentina have not won since the 2000-2001 year.I thought we were solid & showed Character throughout the Cup - We deserved to win!


Manager Stats


League Stats


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