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ok,  let me explain a bit.


I am a relatively new football fan,  Mostly into English Premier League,  been a City man for about 5 years.  Been playing the manager games since 2015.


I just got FMM 19,  love it... but in the same rut, playing City. 

While I will always have a City Save..I want a challenge, I want to learn, I want to see if my meager understanding can produce a good tactic or lead a team to greatness.

Pick me a team,  any league any country,  BUT...explain your choice.  Like I said, I watch English league, MLS, (I'm American) and been getting into Serie A, so that gives you what I tend to see (if you play along)

I will pick 2 choices and start saves.



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Hi! To be honest, I'd recommend trying out one of the challenges:

There's all sorts in there, from relatively simple ones to really complex ones.

I'm a Newcastle fan and use to just take them the top and then lose interest. But trying out some of these challenge made FMM so much more interesting to me. Now I can't stop playing, I always have another challenge I want to try! :D

Good luck!

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1 hour ago, kdawg91 said:

MLS, (I'm American)

A save that I would like to do this year (time permitting) is winning a double with the Chicago Fire.  It's one of the oldest teams in the league.  They took the double in their first year of existence and then it's been all downhill for them.  They had a couple more US Cup successes but nothing much to speak of.  Since 2010, they've only made the playoffs twice subsequently getting knocked out in the first round each time.  Picking up Schweinsteiger did give them a boost last year but it was short-lived given this season's results...

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