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Chat OME v EME



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  1. 1. Do you use OME v EME

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What Match Engine for you use?

For me, I still use the Original, it gives me just what I want, quick gameplay and I find with the Enhanced, you have to be more tactically aware and put more effort into your tactic, despite making a couple of decent tactics over the years, I dont have the patience to fine tune tactics as I am not the most tactically aware person to start with.

By using the OME, I find the game is much quicker, which I like and it means I can spend more time looking at things like my scout reports and even looking for players myself.

I understand the benefit of the EME and why the majority probably uses it, I have on occasions used the EME, but for me, the OME suits my style of playing the game.

One thing I would maybe like to see in future releases is the option to view other matches as part of your scouting network, like you could in Championship Manager and in Football Manager.

Anyway have a nice day fellas


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I am an Android user & I use OME simply because EME has not matured enough in term of performance. Even now, while it's definitely faster than on FMM18, there's quite frequent stutters which makes it annoying. I can see myself using EME on the next instalment if SI Games keep improving it.

The majority of FMM players use EME probably because (somehow) EME almost always being recommended by the game(even when you only have entry-level SOCs or your phone can barely process EME), which has been happening since FMM 2016. So by default, EME has been used by majority of the players.

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I use EME! I do not have enough time to commit to the in-depth PC version, but I still love the tactical side of the game -- which is why the EME is a perfect fit, so I can FM during my commute!

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