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Help Improving training facilities


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I have been trying to upgrade my training facilities for 3 seasons now with no success. I was just wondering if there is a certian criteria you have to meet before the board accepts?

l’m Annan in the Scottish championship if that helps. 

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From my experience, healthy finances and a decent managerial reputation helps with upgrades. A new feature in FMM19 is that when upgrades are granted by the board, they adjust your transfer budget to pay for them. So if you don’t have much in the way of finances, I suspect you won’t get upgrades any time soon.

As for managerial reputation, the more successful you are, the more likely the board are to grant your requests.

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Le 28/1/2019 à 13h03, Noodles a déclaré:


I have the same problem as Annan. I can not improve the training facilities, the leaders refuse. I also play the Scottish elgin city championship, I was in the 4th division but I still managed to be promoted to the 2nd division Scottish. I have a salary budget of 6.75k and the transfer budget is 265k

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I think there may well be a bug regarding training facilities, i'm in the year 2030,

promotion every season with truro and now sitting top of premier 16 points clear

of man city, was runners up last season and won champions league, i have just

short of £300 mill in the bank, so in 12 seasons i've had 2 offers from the board

regarding upgrades the first one i asked for training facilities when i went to the

news menu they said they were unwilling to improve training  facilities at this

time so every six months or so i ask for upgrades and not managed one but on 

the second occasion they offered it went through, i've played long enough to

know i should have been able to improve facilities maybe 3/4 more times, has

anybody else noticed this.


Cheers Sim

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