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Help A new challenge (Name needed)

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First of all, i think something similar was on here before but I can't find it searching through. Anyway here goes.

The rules:

  • Only domestic players, have to sell all non domestic players.
  • Start at a team in the lowest division of that nation.
  • Can only recruit transfer listed and free agent domestic players, youth intakes too. Loans and pre contracts (unless they are transfer listed) are not allowed.
  • Must have 100% Domestic player bias.

The Goal:

Win the TREBLE at least once. Top domestic league, cup and Champions League.

Any name suggestions would be appreciated and I will start a Career once I have a name.


Edited by Aaron Thornton
Missed a bullet point
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8 minutes ago, 1759 said:

I take it you’re after the name of the team you are going to manage so I’ll put forward my suggestion. Portstewart in Northern Ireland.

No I want a name for the challenge. But I'll take team suggestions too

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18 minutes ago, Guppy McFicklestein said:

Problem is you won't get 20 domestic player bias because selling players of your nation lowers the number. It's a messed up system but that's how it works

No I mean on the team report screen it must be 100%. There is a stat there. 

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57 minutes ago, 1759 said:

How about “Homegrown Heroes” for the name. 

Yeah thats good. Might go for "Unwanted Homegrown Heroes" to reinforce the idea of only signing transfer listed players and free agents.

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