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Hiya all was just wondering if anyone else has had or has this problem? No matter what save game I do in what ever leagues teams all my players suffer with very bad fitness and all most every player is 20 30% lower than the opposite team I've tryed changing training around abit but to no good has anyone got any help or suggestion to help me cheers

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This is due to the changes in the latest update. Fitness has taken quite a big hit in an effort to increase realism and cause you to rotate more often. Initially it was much worse, and was watered down with a fix. However, in my opinion it is still very OTT. 

Also, it doesn't seem to matter what your player's stamina rating is when they are young (like <=23) they will struggle to play match after match. 

There is one more update planned, but no date as of yet, and no idea if fitness will be tweaked again or not. 

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Are you definitely on the latest update? (There have been three in recent months, I think). It shouldn't be so bad in the latest version. I've mentioned elsewhere that I find it totally bearable, only a real problem when you have games close together (Christmas etc), but it seems that the game might be giving different results on different systems?

Otherwise all you can do really is have 22 good players, rather than 11-15. Two good in each position, so you can always switch one for the other if fitness is low. In a way, it's ideal for bringing great youngsters through, because they improve with game time...

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Posted (edited)

Why is the use of supplements by athletes not thought out in such games? For example, I use SARM for muscle growth. Selective modulators are used by professional athletes and average visitors of ""rocking chairs"" as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. They are needed for: Muscle mass growth, muscle preservation during weight loss, and preparation for competitions. Recovery from injuries and heavy training. Post-course therapy after steroid use. Initially,  SARMs were intended for people with diseases and injuries. Today, they can often be seen in the diet of athletes. I think they would help your game team.

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