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Career Hampton and Richmond all the way to the top

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It's time to take my local team to the very top. 


Get the mighty hampton and richmond to the prem from the humble conference south

Win all trophies possible


Season 1 coming soon...

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I said season 1 coming soon so here we are :)


My philosophy was to play a simple 442 balanced play and a intense high line to press the opposition into losing the ball high up the pitch, once possession was won the lads would load crosses to our main men up front.



Upon evaluating the squad I got rid of the deadwood. The deadwood being the majority of the squad. We were lacking talent in all areas. So I did what every great non league manager does and signed a load of talented free agents.56A4AEF8-0217-4DC5-AA88-C00DAF41E9E7.thumb.png.1f26dbdc6d312ae59cf182bbb18e0393.png5785F93D-3CA4-4264-9F60-F0CDD70A1B3D.thumb.png.dee155c00dceb6fb91183c70e561c72c.png


League results-


I told the board to expect the title and I didn’t disappoint wiping the floor as you can see defence being solid and the boys up front getting the goals. Hopefully season 2 will supply more of a challenge.



Cup success. Delightful stuff from the boys bringing it home, it was important to win this one as the fa trophy can only be won in the non leagues so getting that in the cabinet as early as possible is important if I’m to win every trophy possible.



Impressive results especially the second half of the the season. This was probably down to some strategic transfers I made in jan bringing in some decent players adding to the squad depth as I found players were getting injured quite frequently.

Team stats-


Manager stats-



Season 2 very soon...

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i've noticed the spoiler - i can see that season 2 is going to be a tight finish :D

scenes down at the Beaveree... i noticed Chitiza in there, good little player i picked up in my VNS career... keep up the good work!

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Season 2 the national

Its time for the boys to take the step up to the next league. I indicated to the board that I should be winning the league and to expect no less. Let’s see how we did.


Quick look at the business we got done in the transfer market.


I found myself making quite a few players unhappy this season by rejecting offers, I ended up paying for that rookie error by sometimes playing with 2 unhappy players and there is nothing more annoying.

League results-


I asked for more of a challenge and got it this season. I found myself in bizarre periods where my team would start losing and I’d have no idea why. I kept the same tactic but it’s given me decent results in the past so I want to stay true to it. Could be down the the unhappy players in my squad. Who knows, who cares to be honest we won and that’s what matters up to the football league we go!!!! 

Cup results-


won the fa trophy again another historic double for the club. Went out early in the fa cup to Norwich but that was expected though and not a result which fuss me.


A5E5A9DA-24BE-45C9-BE21-FA69342B2016.thumb.png.f2b6744ece286ed105a17399a0526bbc.png8DEEE9AB-3374-496D-87AD-E8C2DD840B16.thumb.png.19deef37f9897084b06469957f958b1e.pngE68A6B7D-7E15-410C-9AA0-EBAE0AA3BB00.thumb.png.64f743f84523448df2c1b44c040776a3.png5192062C-3BC5-4D95-A1D8-27804E2C47BC.thumb.png.d11d1852ae2579853fafe6f96607b5e4.png18A94F3B-29C5-435A-A6FC-21DCE484BDEF.thumb.png.7f244251100f9c94f87a2933493ecd57.pngThe disaster month was from December the 7th to January no idea what came over the team but we managed to pull it back.


team stats-


38 in 40 for mooney not too shabby.

Manager stats-



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Disappointing news my app has corrupted or something and I can’t seem to open it, I’ve had to reinstall I’ll be back with another Hampton and Richmond career however.

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17 hours ago, Fr3ddi3_Grav3s said:

Disappointing news my app has corrupted or something and I can’t seem to open it, I’ve had to reinstall I’ll be back with another Hampton and Richmond career however.

Aww man, that’s shocking hopefully you’ll bounce back to where you was 

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