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Chat Best clubs to find gems


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Depends what level team you are going to manage but I always find the French and German leagues really good for picking up cheap talent.

I’ve been doing a challenge recently and went for a young South Korean striker who I picked up for £2.7m and he’s really developed into a top player so I think there could be a few good youngsters from there.

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Not sure there's an easy answer to that... But I generally get to a certain point then scout the hell out of Southern Europe and South America to get a team of potentially shit-hot Spaniards, Argentinians and Brazilians 🤷‍♂️

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I normally use as few leagues as possible, ideally just one. Then I set the player search to Abroad, then order it by Age and go through and manually scout the players that look interesting (typically anyone from a decent country like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, etc).

The fewer the players in the DB, the better the likelihood that the ones that are there are good (4 star real PA). 

You might get the odd bargain in the first season, especially players based in South America, but it could be tough to find if you don't have much money. From season 2 onwards, you are on a gold mine: 

Set the filter Transfer Listed (as well as Abroad) and scout these folk.  Quite a few of the top regens in the game end up being transfer listed for crazy low prices. Their list price might be 8M, but the scout report will tell you you can get them for 375K, etc. I've picked up the Ronaldo regen and the Ibrahimovic one this way and bunch of others.

Many regens will be out of your range to buy, but there are always quite a few in this group that are cheap as chips. Mind you, the younger they are, the higher the chance that they won't want to go abroad and if they are at a small club they might not qualify for a work permit. But you will still get some gems...


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Here's an eg from my current save. Not sure who he is, but I got him for 250K and he's already developed quite nicely and has a lot of potential left for further development:





I checked and I did get both the Ibra and Ronaldo regens in my current save, but they were 8M and 12M respectively. But there were a few I picked up like this guy...

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Nice..at the mo I'm in the English championship with very little money..my team is mostly loan signings lol..so cheaper the better as in k not m..3rd season so the youngsters are getting alot better so the regens should be looking good now as well

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