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Im currently playing the russian league with cska. Its not the first save i've been playing with them, as i enjoy the current crop of young gems they have in their team: chernov, becao, akhmetov, bistrovic, bijol, oblyakov, sigurdsson, vlasic, chalov, ndjaye, nishimura; and a few others who develop quite well (zhironkin, savinov, tijkhuizan etc...).

They are too many for me to groom, and it takes a couple of seasons for their stats to reflect their true ability.

So i wonder if there's a way to get a b team for them? Can the board create one? If the facilities are top? Will it be automaticly created and promoted to the playable division? I never saw it happen, so instead i found myself choosing fk krasnodar who has the best possible facilities in the game, and a squad full of promising youngsters like gritsaenko, utkin, lanin, suleimanov, khalzanarov, ivan or ignatov.

Krasnodar has a b team that allows to groom some of their other youngsters, but the quality doesn't match those of cska.

If anyone knows a tip about this please share.

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Don't know but don't think you'll get a B team if you don't start with one. Just loan the players out otherwise - a good way for them to get the necessary match experience without hurting your team or losing the player.

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