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broodje kip

Completing Vibe’s goalscoring challenges guide

Vibe are full of goalscoring challenges from one season to even 30 season challenges but yet still lots of people can’t complete these challenges. This guide will help to complete at least one challenge

Credits to @BatiGoal and @PriZe that create guides of making tactics in previous FMM versions

1) Pre-game settings


Looking for realism? Attribute masking on and no coaching badges and reputations. No? Do the opposite the.

The reputation will help to attract more players to come into your club while coaching badges will help the staffs on working with players at the training ground (unless you can’t play football like Mourinho). Attribute masking will add some realism where the more unknown the player the more their attributes were unknown.


Picking active leagues will be crucial when choosing striker. Unknown leagues mean unknown youngster and also bad PA like in Greece for example.


Start date. The earlier game starts the more time to negotiate with clubs and players the more chance of rebuilding a team.

2) Picking teams and setups


The important part here. Superstar team like Bayern? Lots of money but also lots of not needed players like Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller for example. Promising teams like Dortmund or Leverkusen? Lots of great youngster but lack of instant success attract less top club younster.


Done choosing team? Head to the staffs. Goalscoring right so choose something that benefits your striker. I’ll tend to go for 1 attacking and three fitness while put myself as attacking. Overkill I know.

3) Choosing players


Transfer market? No! Go to your team first! Zirkzee and Arp are two of great youngster there. Now to the transfer market...


Some interesting ones here. Think about who to choose wisely


Confirmed next superstar? Alan Shearer in the making.


Totally no one? Gamble your coaching skills wether it is a hit or miss

4) Player trainings


hmmm.... what to train him as? Decent enough aerial and pace


Poacher seems good but I prefer Target Man. They are more overpowered this year.


Train his aerial first surely. Why? We are training him as Target Man duh.


Finally mentoring. Muller will improve his movement will very beneficial combined with his high finishing

5) Tactics


@BatiGoal had made a roles combo back then which is still very useful right now. Make a balance formation to keep risk low.  Mentality mostly people use attacking, overload or control (use defensive if your name is @Scratch )


Winning the ball higher up the pitch will create better chance of counter the opposition so this defence setup is also crucial.


Attack instruction is of course the most crucial part. Early cross and Direct passing if you got a slow Target Man. through ball and mixed passing down the centre if you got short pacy poacher. Use my setup in the picture if got combination of both.

Hope to get more people completing these challenges soon



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