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Career 1k challenge Morgan Rogers (abandoned)

El Sheim

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I am trying to have a go at the 1k challenge that's been very famous around here. But I wanted to do it with someone who's not very popular in the forum. 

Since people pick stronger teams from weak nations for this challenge, I also went on and picked one giant. 


The team


And now it's time to reveal the player that's gonna be the center of this challenge.


The Star


Had to pay $30 million for this guy. And please don't confuse the wage, my wage is calculated monthly. I chose Rogers because he is great on both feet, and he scores freekicks. 

So there we go, I shall update once the first season is over. Thank you. 

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Before the first game, I spoke with Rogers telling him how I am going to help him score 1000 career goals if he would stay loyal to the club and do as I say. He agreed happily. I could tell from his reaction that he is an ambitious guy 😂 


So off we went. First season was about getting the tactics right and finding a suitable role for my guy. Had to sell some of the Grandpa aged stars to make way for new players. 

Here are the transfers;



Almada is key to this challenge because he is my type of a playmaker, but he needs time to develop first. 

Team did pretty well in the league but failed in the CL and German cup, which means less games for Rogers. See below;



I struggled getting the tactics right and Rogers didn't help with his poor form through mid season. Here's his stats at the end;



And as for goals, not too bad for a 17 year old. But not good enough. 


First Season: 31 Goals

I asked Rogers what he targets for the second season, and he's saying he can achieve 40 goals. I can go with that 😁

Meanwhile here's how the rest of the team did;



Onwards to season 2. Thank you. 

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Here we are again, me and Rogers after our second season of bromance. We had a massive clear out this time, removing the oldies and useless. Here's the transfers;



Had to splash out on SM Savic. Couldn't help it. Strakosha to replace Neuer until Fruchtl is ready. Pavon to replace Gnabry who can't cross an empty road.

Team did extremely well winning all the competitions. I don't know why but Club World Championship started right after the season. 



Here's how our guy looks like after the season;



Development is messed up, for more than half of the season, it says needs to mature to develop further. 

And finally;


Second Season: 42 Goals

Total: 73 Goals

It's an improvement on last season since our tactics are all familiar now. And the best part is I heard rumours going around saying that Rogers targets 50 goals next season. Can't wait. 

Meanwhile here's the squad stats;




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