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Career The Great Return


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The headlines are clear. Van Kuijk has signed with Hamburger Sport-Verein. A former great manager joining a former great club. Both parties are looking to return to their former levels.


  • Reach promotion to the Bundesliga
  • Expand youth scouting



The tactics are a 5-2-2-1 formation.
The key to this formation is to have a striker that puts a lot of pressure in the opponent build-up play. After he's won the ball, he brings the wingers in a scoring position. The wingers are instructed to overlap to make room for the wing backs. The wingbacks provided crosses.

We're looking at a counter attacking formation. Since it's second league football, we need to ensure results, not attractive football.

We play with a deep lying defense.



  • Rolando
    This 33 year old centre half had a phenomenal career reaching 21 international caps, 341 club games at clubs like Porto, Napoli and Olympique de Marseille.
    He's signed a 2-year deal, finishing his career trying to bring glory back to Hamburg.
  • Ozan Kabak
    This 19 year old centre half is a youngster from the Schalke 04 academy. Looking for a place to get some first team action, he joined Hamburger SV on loan until the end of the season. Kabak is a very good header of the ball. He has the tendency to always get in the right position.
  • Carlos Alvarez
    Playing in Sevilla B at only 15 years old, Carlos Álvarez is an exciting prospect for the future. The young energetic right winger packs a big punch with good pace and a lot of area for him to get better.
    After signing on a 1.9 million transfer to Hamburger SV, he was loaned out to Jahn Regensburg, who also play in 2. Bundesliga.

The competition

The 2. Bundesliga is a tight competition with some former big teams.
Hamburger SV aims to win the 2. Bundesliga. But there will be a couple of teams that are right up there. Among them are :

  • VfB Stuttgart
  • Arminia Bielefeld
  • VfL Osnabrück

These teams are probably the toughest opposition for HSV, although we shouldn't have much issues getting promoted.

Key players

  • Julian Pollersbeck
    This 24 year old goalie has huge talent. His strong agility and reflexes make him one of the strongest keepers in the league when it comes to 1-on-1 situations, although he still has a lot to learn in terms of bringing the ball back into play.
  • Rick van Drongelen
    The 20 year old centre half joined from Sparta a couple of seasons ago and is one of the most exciting prospects in the 2. Bundesliga. His positioning, aerial, tackling and power make him a very dominant appearance in HSV's back three.
  • Lukas Hinterseer
    The Austria international has only joined HSV this season. With 12 caps to his name and 305 official league appearances he is a very experienced striker. He'll be looking to achieve the same statistics he had at VfL Bochum, 32 goals in 62 games.


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First evaluation of Kuijk's progress at Hamburger SV


So far, Kuijk has led Hamburger SV in 11 official games, of which 10 were in the 2. Bundesliga and 1 in the DFB-Pokal.
His total win loss record so far is 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss.

The only loss Hamburger SV suffered thus far is a 1-0 loss away from home against league leaders 1.FC Nürnberg. Since the loss at August 5th, Kuijk has signed a new rightback and a new striker.

Milan legend Ignazio Abate has joined the German squad on a free transfer after not being given a new contract bij AC Milan. 
Exciting prospect, Matías Arezo joined the Germans from River Plate for a 14.25 million euro fee! Since then he has played 9 games in which he scored 3 and chipped in with 1 assist for his team.

Rating the signings : 

  • Matías Arezo
    The young prospect played 9 games for HSV. In these games he scored 3 and assisted one. Considering the lad is still only 16-years old, it's very exciting to watch him progress. His average match rating in those 9 games was 7.11
  • Carlos Álvarez
    The young right winger was immediately loaned to Jahn Regensburg in the 2.Bundesliga to gain some first team experience. He has only played one game so far in which he scored a 7.00 rating.
  • Rolando
    The veteran has been one of the best affordable options in the HSV defense. He's been the heart of the defense ever since his first game. He played in all of Kuijk's official matches and achieved an average 6.81 rating. In all those matches, HSV only conceded 4 times, which shows that Rolando was a great signee!
  • Ignazio Abate
    The Milan legend has only played 4 games so far in which he got 2 yellow cards already. His 7.00 rating shows that he has made an impact in Hamburg's defensive forces. In all games he started, Hamburg only conceded once.
  • Ozan Kabak
    This young Turk is of course a very exciting prospect, but has a lot to learn. Being under the wing of veterans like Rolando and Abate, the youngster will look to improve his skill. He played 9 matches in which he showed very average performances, amassing a 6.77 rating

The finances

Kuijk has surely invested a lot of budget into the squad. In total, HSV has spent 16.25 million euro's on incoming transfers for both Arezo and Álvarez. The other signings were on a free transfer.

HSV only sold Tom Mickel to Dutch side RKC for a 1 million euro fee, leaving the net spending on transfers at 15.25 million.

HSV is still financially safe with a remaining 3.96 million euro transfer budget and a remaining 23.000 euro wage budget.

HSV Top Player


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Hamburger SV is back in top flight!

After a great first season at the club, Kuijk managed to achieve something big at Hamburg. He brought the struggling fallen giant back to the top flight!

In his 38 game season, Hamburger won 24 games, drew 10 and lost 3, scoring 53 goals whilst conceding 21. Needless to say, Kuijk did a great job with a very limited squad.
After becoming the 2. Bundesliga champions, he has been granted an 88 million euro transfer budget to strengthen the squad for the upcoming Bundesliga season.

Player of the season

The HSV player of the season has got to be Matias Arezo!
The 17-year old striker showed that he has everything to become a world class player and outperformed many experienced players. He scored a total of 16 goals from 35 games and also chipped in with 6 assists.

Team of the season

The best performing HSV players were : 

  • In goal, Daniel Heuer Fernandis
  • On leftback, Josha Vagnoman
  • On rightback, Ignazio Abate
  • The central defence of Rick van Drongelen and Gideon Jung
  • In central midfield : Adrian Fein and David Kinsombi
  • On the left wing, Jairo
  • On the right wing, Xavier Ameachi
  • At attacking midfield, Rayan Cherki
  • The striker, Matiás Arezo


For transfers, HSV has been scouting the transfermarket for diamonds in the rough. They also got rid of a lot of useless players so they could improve their weight budget. 16 contracts were not renewed, granting the players a Bosman transfer to another club.

Berkay Özcan, one of the talents at the club left on loan to Belgium, where he will join top club Club Brugge in order to further develop.
Timo Letschert, Jeremy Dudziak, Stephan Ambrosius, Lukas Hinterseer and Ewerton left the club on transfers, gaining another 11.75 million euros to strengthen the first team.

Big name signings

HSV has signed two big names! Both Juan Mata and Danny Rose joined the club on a free transfer after their contracts at both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur expired. Both players will be used first and foremost as a mentor to the younger players.

A lot of young talent was signed too!

  • Chumi - FC Barcelona
  • Roberto Massimo - VfB Stüttgart
  • Felix Agu - Osnabrück
  • Adrian Fein - FC Bayern
  • Gian-Luca Itter - SC Freiborg
  • Yann-Aurel Bisseck - 1.FC Köln
  • Japhet Tanganga - Tottenham Hotspur
  • Matty Longstaff - Newcastle United

This leaves HSV with a very young and ambitious squad, ready to make their mark in the Bundesliga against the likes of Eintracht Frankfürt, vfl Wolfsburg, Schalke, Dortmund and FC Bayern.

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