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Career Rich attempts the Messi and Ronaldo Challenge


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So this challenge caught my eye as soon as it came up, sounded like a great little challenge but I was tied to long term challenges. In my lifetime these two have been the best players by quite some distance after Laurent Robert of course. I’ve always wondered how they’d do together. So here we go.



So he’s got ok stats hasn’t he I guess, so shouldn’t be a problem trying to settle him in to my team. He will be played up top and will be an Advanced Forward.



Again not bad stats I guess, I’ve managed to fit him in to my starting line up just! He will be deployed as a Target Man next to Messi as an advanced forward.


So this is a short challenge so knowing me I will probably be finished this one within a couple of days. But really looking forward to seeing if I can get the best out of these two together.

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Good luck. There are some cracking scores for this out there and I am sure you will add to them!

(not sure why ‘scores’ autocorrected as ‘sites’ the first time around) 

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Cheers @Rob season 1 already completed 🤣

Season 1




So a massive squad overhaul to try and get my team to suit the way I want to set up, signed a few players who I wouldn’t usually due to there age. Very pleased with what we managed to do 😁



So this is the way we set up with Messi and Ronaldo up to and just trying to get the ball to them as often as we could, very attacking also, which I enjoy, more goals the better!

Team Results


So we stormed the league and the champions league, wish was nice, I was hoping for a bit more goals but the tactic seemed to do well defensively as well as offensively, so the goal difference was looking very nice.

Manager Profile



Well my manager profile looks awful, never had it looking like this before, but I guess it’s what happens when you sign older players. Nice goal difference though 😁

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo


Season 1 Messi Goals and Assists- 45+27 = 72

Season 1 Ronaldo Goals and Assists - 75-13 = 88

Messi and Ronaldo Total - 160

Goal Difference Total - 188 - 41 = 147

Grand Total - 160 + 147 = 307

So a nice season from the boys, very happy with how they done, just hope stats don’t decrease to soon. I have no idea what other people’s scores were for this one, so I have no idea how I’m doing. But looking forward to getting the second season done 😁

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated 😁

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Well i did say I would finish in a couple of days, how wrong was I, finished already, working from home is hard 👀

Season 2




What is it with me and massive transfer windows I don’t know, I guess I’m never happy with my team, but some good transfers which should help us in the coming season.



So another great season for Galacticos, we really did have a dream team to be honest, so wouldn’t have expected any less of them, I wonder how the boys did though?

Manager Profile



So a nice goal difference to the end this challenge. I’m terrible with maths though and I haven’t done my count yet, so we’ll see how good it is 🤣

Lionel Messi 


Cristiano Ronaldo


Season 1 Messi Goals and Assists- 45+27 = 72

Season 1 Ronaldo Goals and Assists - 75+13 = 88

Messi and Ronaldo Total - 160

Goal Difference Total - 188 - 41 = 147

Grand Total - 160 + 147 = 307

Season 2 Messi Goals and Assists- 65+14 = 79

Season 2 Ronaldo Goals and Assists - 65+16 = 81

Messi and Ronaldo Total - 160

Goal Difference Total - 221- 47 = 174

Total - 160 + 147 = 334


So I’m delighted with that grand total, after the first season I didn’t expect things to get better but they did, no real change to the tactic either, I just think they just didn’t try so many spectacular things and maybe kept it simple? 

Great little challenge this is @Rob, enjoyed it 👍

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome 😁


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