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Tactics 4-4-2 Solid Winning Tactic


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I have tried many formations and tactics on FMM21 and this system has always been the most consistent for me. I managed to go the entirety of the league season unbeaten with ZERO transfers. Yes there were many draws but that was solely down to me making poor decisions in the latter of matches and conceding stupid goals, partnered with our not so strong starter squad.

I can comfortably say this tactic works with pretty much every team you apply it too. 


- Make sure your TM an aerial threat 

- I found it beneficial to have your P as a fast player 

- Wide midfielders must be fast, good crossers and make sure their preferred foot matches the side they’re on 

Let me know how you get on!😄






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Impressive results!

Might apply it to my Venezia save now I'm promoted and facing the cream of Serie A.


Okay that backfired spectacularly. Gone back to my own 4-1-2-2-1 which has steadied the ship again. Not sure why it didn't work though. My players aren't great but they work in my system, so can't put my finger on what went wrong.


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