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Hi, guys. Can you, please, suggest anything to improve this tactic? It seemed to work well for a few months, but then slump began. Later I made some changes and now it’s little bit better, but not really stable. Main problem is scoring, I think. Often I have quite a lot of shots but sometimes most of them are off target and sometimes goalkeeper saves it all.




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I'm no expert yet, but this is some advice that I've seen given before. 

Turn off shoot on sight. It will give you more shots but they'll be a lower quality of shot. 

Complete forward is probably a mistake too, that's meant to be for the real elite (think Haaland and Kane). Maybe try TM or poacher. 

I'd also redirect that look for overlap isn't the best plan when you have no wing backs to provide the overlap. Maybe turn that one off too. 

I'm sure sunshine else will be along soon too give some more thorough advice. Good luck. 

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I have to disagree about turning off shoot on sight here. I find it very effective regardless of top or sub-standard tiered team were used. I had a very weak Nancy squad when playing my TTR challenge and used shoot on sight in my tactic. I managed to win both the league and the domestic cup.

The main problems I can see are the 2 Ball Playing Defenders and short passing. You don't have anyone in between the backline and the central midfield position which makes the transition between the 1/3 to the 2/3 a lot slower. I suggest using mixed passing or drop the DLP down to DM position. I assume your Sampdoria  is a mid-table team like in real life which is not ideal to play BPD. They spray too many long balls that often end up with scoring opportunity for the opposition instead.

I agree with @Mr B to turn the look for overlap off. You only have one player out wide for each flank. I don't see the need of the option since your players will still overlap if they feel like it is needed. Turning it on will just disturb the build up because your players are forcing for an overlap.

This one is not necessary but I think changing one of the CM to BBM could be a great one. You'd have more players in the attack so that your AP will have more option to lay passes or to create scoring opportunity for himself. The next one could be through ball. It is something I find quite wasteful at times. I did use it sometime when I have and AP who has good decision making and creativity with decent technique and passing.

I honestly don't see the need of changing the CF role. It's been a lot better than Poacher in this year edition. I've played with a lot of strikers position and I can guarantee you that CF is actually very good even for mediocre strikers.

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