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Chat Do regen exist?


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I don't know if this true or not so i have to ask the gods of fm mobile themselves. Do regens exist in fmm and how can i get them. Do i get them from youth scouting or my youth intake?

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It's not that simple. Every single player in the game comes back as a regen (well occasionally they get majorly changed or disappear entirely) - but I assume you're talking about regens of really good players.

It can be hard to tell them these days. Their feet colours are always the same. They normally come back with the same nationality, but that can change. If their Nationality changes, then sometimes (but not always) their original nationality becomes their second nationality. They also have at least one bright green position stay the same (but their other positions can change a lot)

If they come back with a nationality of one of the leagues that is loaded, they will come back as 16 year olds when the new season event happens. They don't always come back the next season - I once had a case where it took several seasons for that player to come back. Which club they come back to is random, but you have a better chance of getting good ones if your club has a good reputation and has the best youth facilities. 

If they come back with a nationality for a league that's not loaded, they can come back at any age from 16 to 24. I often load less leagues so I get the regens that can be useful straight away instead of 16 year olds that won't be that useful for a couple of years (with the development has plateaued thing). So if I'm playing in England and I want Spanish regens, I don't load Spain as a league. Often the good ones come back at clubs in other nations (but not your club). So for eg, Messi's regen may (or may not) come back at a top European club. 

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