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Chat Awesome/Weird Things Happen In My Save


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My first FMM is FMM20 so im not sure if this weird scenario was just a normal thing that happen in FMM.

I got a save with DUX (Fin),Spurs & Sevilla (4/5 seasons) and currently Crystal Palace (EPL & UCl winner in just 3 season thanks to whoever made that 433 wide).

Awesome & Weird Things 

• Chiesa went to AFC Bournemouth for free after his loan spell at Juventus.

• J.Kounde sign a new contract at Sevilla worth 4k p/w at the age of 25 despite being one of the elite.

• J.Clarke (Spurs) suprisingly became a world class winger after his loan spell at Leicester City during my 2nd season with Spurs.

• D.Scarlett went to Arsenal for 86mil at the age of 18.

• J.Mourinho managed to stay at Arsenal for 3 season despite getting relegated during his 2nd season after replacing Arteta.

• Kepa went to Swansea for loan/Buy and stay at Swansea after getting promoted (2023/24).

• Kane went to Madrid and Zaha went to Inter just to play for the reserve team. Kane only play 4 matches and score once while Zaha got injured for 7 months.

• Sancho went to Manchester United for 91mil during my 2nd season with Crystal Palace was awesome.Good first season but getting demoted to reserve team during his 2nd season.

• Hakimi went to PSG for 60mil still cool despite it happen during 2023/24 season.

• Southampton became a top 4 contender under Tuchel for a few season until Tuchel leave for Germany.

• Chelsea and Manchester United struggling for top 10 while winning the UCL.

• Haaland went to AC Milan for free after his current contract with Dortmund expired.

• Cardiff City, Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday and Watford went bankcrupt.

• RB Liepzig became the new Bayern during my DUX save.

• Balogun & Delap became a world class player.

• Uruguay won the 2022 FWC

Decided to share this just for fun.





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Yeah, FMM always have unrealistic stuffs like those. In my current save, Haaland is the most valuable player but plays for Valencia who barely can make it to the UCL round of 16.

I once had Qatar (I think) reached the World Cup final. Both Man City and Man United got relegated in the same season.

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