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Career Stu's Steady Ascent - its a long way back to the top again


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On 10/08/2022 at 09:52, Ariza8 said:

Amazing stuff here, for sure I won't be able to do it! At least for now. 


On 09/08/2022 at 20:58, Superking said:

Congratulations on ur 3k goals 👏 

Cheers guys, it has been a long road and I can finally share a final season update!


2050/51 League One - A grand finale?

So, having (re)found a winning formula, would we be able to add a fourth consecutive promotion and maybe even a title?

Well despite the obligatory wobble...


... we took 1st place with one of the better seasons in this career.


Adding a cup triumph to the trophy cabinet whilst we were at it.


It gave us a fairly impressive palmeres, 25 trophies and nearly a thousand wins. No records here but I'll be happy enough.


We did have an impressive 14 promotions too, maybe this is a record?


Here is the league history in full.


With how my clubs did over the 30 years. I must have done something right at Boston!


And then it was done!


Thanks for all the comments along the way, I hope it has been worth a look. If anyone is curious how things shaped up for any clubs or competitions then let me know!

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Bro what tactics did you use at Boston I've just started and I'm struggling you can attach here or email me at jakubkuligrl9@gmail.com

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