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Chat What to do to freshen things up?


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I'm coming upto 2042..I wanted to do 30 seasons but damn I'm getting bored now..I came through the league's with Kettering to championship then took over Peterborough now virtually destroy the competition..so what would you guys do..just quit the save or take on another team or something else to freshen things up?



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Yeah, I know what you mean... I'm on 28 and a bit seasons now... I'd change club mate and see if you can do it again!

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A couple of things I’ve done in past FMMs to freshen things up:

  • Move to a “academy” (and greyed out) only team - selling everyone else over 1-3 seasons 🙂 
  • Change to wildly different formations each seasons - move from a 4231, to a defenderless, to a strikerless, to a back 3, to a front 3 - all in subsequent seasons 🙂 
  • My Favourite - be a local Robin Hood - with all the money in the game, but with lots of societal problems in your city - how much money can you raise each season to invest into local hospitals / education / poverty etc. example - a Celtic career, sold £100m (net) profit in season one, £200m in season two, up to £500m in season five, then moved to do the same for Man City.
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