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how to buy players for cheap in fm23

before we start im not a english native so im sorry for any mistakes

so we all know that buying players is a pain with every club expecting you to pay more than double there value right?
well i got sick of that and using normal negotiations which are hit and miss so i made my own method which some might call cheating

let me give you an example

firstly you have to change the offer type to enquiry and make sure its public and submit why make it public ? because if its not public the other club will want more money

then reduce the offer to less than the players value and make sure the sell on percentage is 0% as shown above
then click close in the bottom left and open the negotiations again you see the sell on clause is back to whatever it was here you make the sell on clause 50% and hit submit

as you can see they cut around 19m now we enter the last phase making the last offer it will always be different based on player but i offered 47m but forgot to reduce the sell on clause to 30% any lower than 30% usually makes them increase the players price by alot


Note: after you have made the first offer (with 50% sell on clause) you could still negotiate for a better deal in some cases but with caicedo here i bought for just 10m more than his value so there wasnt much room for that

now for a second example

i made an enquiry

then i made the 50% sell clause offer under his value




they came back with 25m offer i reduced sell clause to 30% and got him for 20m just 5m over his value if thats not a good deal for someone who is in no hurry to leave his club and not transfer listed i dont know fm
thanks for reading

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Woow, lemmi blow the transfer market with this strategy,and by that way i have been trying to install the face pack in my game but it just seems to backfire,how did you do yours ?

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