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Challenges The 1000 Goal Challenge


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The 1000 Goal Challenge

The simple ones are the best! Have a player score 1,000 goals and more in one epic career.

The Rules

  • You can manage any club in any league.
  • Player can be real or regen.
  • No preferences/unlockables unless unlocked in the save.
  • No uses of text changes, save editor or IGE at all.
  • No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!
  • International goals count, but only the ones scored in game and under your own management of that nation. So real life goals the player starts on don't count.
  • You have to earn international management, so you can not start with it.
  • A career can be posted but screenshots are needed as evidence.
  • If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you beingrejected from the leader board.  
  • Own formations only
  • SI databases only
  • No Myclub or created players


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On 16/12/2023 at 17:16, Gazzaeverton said:

My attempt is recorded elsewhere on this site (Evan almighty 1K)

TOTAL GOALS (to date, might return to it later)


Screenshot_20231125_232443_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20231201_222145_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20231212_200334_FM24 Mobile.jpg

tactic bro

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