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Found 10 results

  1. Name: Abdellah Daouadji Age: 17 Nationality: Algerian Starting Club: FC Porto Want a player you'll have trouble pronouncing his name? Pick this kid! He's not the strongest of players but he's a good backup to have.
  2. Cedric Badjeck Nationality: Cameroon Position: Striker Starting club: FC Utrecht Value at start of the game: £18K Wage at the start of the game: £375 Average asking price: £250K Average wage demands: £1K Profile near the start of the game Profile after 3 months of IT I've always known Badjeck as a great, cheap young player who will impress for any front-line in Holland. His potential is in the -8 range, so he will at least be a good squad player for your club, and he could reach 160 (potentially more than Carlos Fierro!). And at £250K, how could you say no...? Side Note: this player is only available with Holland loaded as a main league, or with England only using the Unifying Database.
  3. Just look at those stats for a 30 year old and that average rating? Impressive right? He could do a lot better in a tactic that favours the striker.
  4. Name: Sebastian Driussi Club: River Plate Date of Birth: 09/02/92 Nationality: Argentinian (0 caps) Starting value: Starting value Wage: 20 GBP How much I paid: (4 million, a bit too much imo) Wage at my club: 8.75k then 32k Attributes at the start After 6/7 years of IT Stats I lost it and I have overwritten the save First of all, I only recently got back the Everton job after a stint at Cardiff and they (everton) were going downhill. That aside, he has really good stats. Another player I absolutely love.
  5. Name: Jackson Martínez Age: 27 years old Nationality: Colombian Position: S C Role: Advanced Forward/Target Man Starting Club: FC Porto If you're not looking for someone for a 1000 goal challenge, you can get Jackson Martínez for your team. Look at that average rating and the insane amount of goals on his first season! He won't go cheap, unless you get him at the start though...
  6. A Pint Too Many? You have been drinking quote a lot in the pub, and you've gone crazy. You decide to try something out with your new striker. Except he isn't a striker, a midfielder, or even a defender. Yes, that's right, the man behind your attacking force... is the goalkeeper. For Single-Player 2 points for every assist 5 points for every goal scored 5 points bonus for a brace 10 points bonus for a hat-trick 30 points for League Player of the Month 50 points for League Player of the Year 100 points for league top scorer 200 points for World Player of the Year For H2H Goalkeeper must score 10 goals a season Failure to reach 10 goals means lost challenge. Higher goal count is the winner If these are tied, least games wins If still the scores are level, any hat-tricks or braces scored become dominant. If all is still level, youngest goalkeeper wins. If SOMEHOW you are still equal, shortest keeper wins. Best of 5 seasons. Good luck and I would love to see some responses to this very difficult challenge.
  7. Mathieu Manset is free and is really a beast he has won te best player of the year of Ligue 2 on my career with RC Lens So grab this amazing attacker for free before other teams contract him . Without IT: IT: Stats:
  8. An ideal choice for a 1KC in Brazil (or in Europe). Still very young so his stats will get better. Will update this later with his history stats.
  9. Name: Diogo David Age: 17 Nationality: Portuguese Starting Club: Benfica A portuguese gem, he starts with a €6k value so he will be very, very cheap. I believe his stats can be way better than these if he is used more often. You can see that his morale is low so imagine how he could perform if his morale was superb... Fancy a portugues 1KC anyone?
  10. My only problem with Iturbe is his heading and lack of strength. Apart from that, the stats speak for themselves.
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