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  1. Version Version 1.1.0


    Hello and Welcome to the FIFA Nations League for the story and a link to download the Logo Pack a thread will be made on the downloads section in the forums!
  2. Hello, I am new here on forum and I am still playing fmh 2014 so I was wondering if somebody has pictures or save of Murtons 3-2-3-1-1 tactic both team instructions and formation I would be thankful if somebody could send me that. Or maybe if you haven't got it you can help me which tactic should I use for 1000 goal challenge.
  3. im in 2020 and when i click on one of my players n swipe right the game just stops for a second and the app closes, its done this on a previous save for me. is this a bug and can it be fixed? also the players are both regens if that helps
  4. how many hours should it take..does it really matter what spec the pc is, im doing it bit by bit, a few pics at a time
  5. First, sorry for my grammar. i have installed FMH2014 on my android, and i choose basic data player. but i can't start new carrier game, i can't choose a club to manage. but the "My Club and Challange" can start new game. anyone can help me?
  6. As I learned a bit about regens I figured out I could try to find out who this guy is after all. Bought him on the 2nd or 3rd season, and he has even better stats than the ones printed (injury). Any idea of who could this guy be?
  7. Hi can someone please send me default skin for retina/hdtv on fmh 14. Thankyou
  8. I can't buy him to Internazionale. Why?
  9. I thought regens were supposed to be good???
  10. Hi there, Can anyone help me with an AEK Athens club logo please? I've tried everything but I can't seem to resize it properly to the required 50x36 pixels without it looking skewed. Best image I can find is the club logo from Wikipedia: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/16/New_updated_emblem_of_AEK_Athens.jpg Many thanks to anyone who can help and suggestions for how to do it in future (I used Microsoft Paint in my futile efforts) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I know I'm in the VAST minority here, but I so wish there was a way to play this game as an MLS team, or at the very least as Team USA in international competitions. I have created a "My Club" save as my favorite MLS Team (DC United), but one of the things I noticed when searching for cheap transfer options is that many MLS teams exist in the FMH 15 database! They have Orlando City, Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, NYCFC, New York Red Bulls, and others! And they have actual players on their teams, certainly everyone I've heard of (Donovan, Henry, Kaka, Dempsey, Yedlin, Wright-Phillips, Rimando). So this can't just be a licensing issue (unless they think nobody will notice, which, it's MLS, so maybe they won't). Can anyone offer me any advice on how to attain my goals of playing in North American competitions? (I saw another thread where Dec mentioned using the editor in FMH 2014 to create Israeli leagues, is something like that available in FMH 2015?) Also, is it at all possible to create the US National team in FMH 15?
  12. Hi guys everyone always seems to want a league thats not on the game so what one would you like to see next?
  13. How can I get a club loaning my players to make a contribution to his wages ?
  14. Sign up comment NAME POSITION NATIONALITY http://youtu.be/KCgqz4-EsJk
  15. I know there are a few I may have missed but I hope there is a few on here you may not of heard of. Let me know if you would like to see more like this! Please discuss below or comment on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IzemU35fbY
  16. Hi guys, I've been drawn into the hype and decided to join in with everyone in posting my favourite XI from FMH 14. It's been a long year that has included a lot of players and after much deliberation I've chosen my favourite team made up from the players I've used the most. These aren't the best, and they aren't (all) my favourite but these are the players I've bought or played the most throughout the year. Explanation done, let's get straight into it! The goalkeeper A bit expensive for most clubs but as has been well documented, that's ny favourite sort of player! Akinfeev has been a fan favourite for a few years now and my personal favourite goalkeeper. In 14 he is at the right age to be pushing for the title of best goalkeeper in the world and still has enough years in him to play for a long time. Hopefully he'll still be able to live up to this glory in 15 The center halves Costing you as little as 3million from championship side Reading, Alex has the price tag and the age to become the top guy in defense for any team, for as much as ten years! As well as being my favourite center back in '14, he carried that from 12+13! To the vets of FMH you'll notice that he has a very similar stat spread to Jamie Carragher and that's no coincidence. In real life Pearce is just the same tough tackling British defender as te Liverpool legend and knows how to read the game and command the defense team just the same. If you haven't yet make sure you give him a try, I know I will be in 15 Ramos is an odd one in this list. I've never bought him (mainly cos most teams can't convince him over) but as I've played as Real far too much I've used him far too much lol. Retrainable to left and right as well as defensive midfield he's a well rounded player and useful even if it's just for his versatility The fullbacks I found Soares in '13 and thought I was into a gem until I discovered that Ash's little bro Alfie found him months before me! Nevertheless I tried him in 14 and ended up using him in every save I played. He'll set you back 3.5 million at most and can play for you for well over a decade making him a must buy. But that's not all, he retrains to be able to play on both the left and right side, as well as all the way up the side to the AML/R position! A bit of IT will make him formidable in defense midfield and attack. What else do you want from a lowly fullback worth less than 4million? Two natural positions? Check. Retrains to play on both left and right side? Check. Can retrains to play all the way up to the AM position? Double check. So how much will he cost you? 500k and 500 quid a week, meaning he can even be bought for lower league teams. Pretty much the parallel to Soares but he has even more time on his side. The center midfielders Romero gained a lot of hype at release but it seemed to die down not long after. Not with me tho Versatility isn't the word, this guy plays left, right, center, midfield, defense and attack. He has the stats (after IT) to play any role in any position and has been a been a cemented presence in any team I've managed this year Hendo has a lot of hope on his shoulders. Being literally one the few decent English B2B midfielders around he has done big boots to fill. In FMH he doesn't come cheap and he probably isn't as good as he is in real life but he's been a regular buy for me. The wingers Sterling also doesn't come cheap, and there are better options out there but as an LFC fan and a massive Sterling fan I haven't been abLe to help myself. Being totally flexible on both sides of the wing has allowed me to get some major rotation done on the wings as well as giving me enough time to allow growth for the young lad himself. And if you think he was good this year, he has a fixed PA next year and it isn't too shabby Quick, strong, good at crossing and good at shooting, what more do you want from a winger. Il admit that the only reason I used him so much was due to him being almost unbuyable in 13 do I took advantage of that not being an issue in 14. I probably bought him in three quarters of my saves and I didn't once regret it. The strikers The Costa del Suarez! It had to be these two in my FMH14 XI. For those of you who don't know, I have a career in the career section spanning 13 seasons where I did the unthinkable and scored 1200 goals between the two (internationals not included). So I may not have bought these two guys that often but I certainly used them more than any other forward in the game. Damn, thinking back to that career is sitting up some emotions. Here's to FMH15 and all the careers it may bring! Thanks for reading guys, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my XI, make your own and I'll be sure to do the same.
  17. someone would be willing to share saves to show on my Youtube Channel?
  18. Introduction It all started off in the premier league, it was as any other usual season in the Barclay's, always the three or four title contenders fighting for that top spot at first. Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City &' Chelsea, however with the past season of Manchester United, completely (with major emphasis on the word "completely") giving away their game this season there was three newly promoted teams... -Leicester -Queens Park Rangers -Burnley These teams were all promoted and all injected with some money to make some signings for the season upcoming, Maybe one of these teams may be up for a title contention? Maybe not any time soon... But hey? Anything can happen... In short sight however, there's a new manager in town. A manager who is looking to take head of one of these three teams and give them the opportunity of a lifetime in the Barclay's Premier League. Manager Profile ---------------- Name: Kyle 'Kowalski' Walker :ph34r: Age: Unknown Nationality: Netherlands Born: Hoorn, Friesland Height: 6"1 Playing position: Defender Managerial career &' experience: N/A Applications: Leicester, Burnley, QPR ---------------- Let's see how the season fortells! Which club will the new and inexperienced manager 'Kowalski' go to a team to manage and lead them to glory?! Positive feedback and suggestions would be nice thanks, However, I have a question for you, the audience, which team is 'Kowalski' going to manage?
  19. Even on very slow the match zooms by with hardly a chance to change anything. Is that right ?
  20. I played up to 2023 and the game stops playing and suddenly exits.pls help me
  21. Hi, I've done 2 seasons with hearts. They're quite good as they have a 15 pt deduction in season 1 to overcome. Anyway, I managed to keep them in the league. Just. Then season 2 I made a couple of decent free signings and managed to win the Scottish cup and come 3rd in the league using done great tactics found on this website... I was expecting this to get me into The euro cup but having just started the new season I see hearts aren't there and it's Inverness instead who were the losing finalists in the cup Why????!
  22. Can anybody help me I've just bought an iPad to go with my iPhone 6 and I thought I would save my current game to the cloud but I can't seem to swipe across on the save game page. This is the same on my iPad and my iPhone can anyone help me. Ps I haven't updated to iCloud drive.
  23. Hi Guys, Even though we are approaching the end of FM14 and starting to anticipate FM15, I thought I'd share this with everyone. Honestly stumbled across with through sheer dumb luck and its served me quite well. Some of the tactics and results shared have been nothing short of amazing, however it seems that every time I try to implement them, they fall very short of my expectations. After a frustrating time dealing with tactics, I finally created this one and have had some success. However, I am still leaking goals and (like Arsenal in real life) cant seem to beat the big teams. So try this out and criticisms are more than welcome...good-luck!
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