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Tactics Tactics for Chelsea 2016


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Good evening all, Chelsea needs your help in real life and in the game so if anyone has new tactics and training for those magnificent boys in blue please let me know. Thanks.

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I'very not signed anyone as I've started half way through the season on a challenge to get them out of the relegation zone I've got Stones and Goretzga? Coming at the end of the season and using all the first team main players recalled Curado because he's awsome in the game and using Costa and Falcao together up front they have over 30 goals between them.

I'm using the training program u came up with for last season which works perfectly  ( thanx for that by the way) I'm a just looking to cement the team so they stop leaking goals.

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I'd say go with something like this

Player Roles

Rossiter/Matic - BWM

Wilshere/Ramires - BBM

Barkley/Fabregas - ADVP

Sterling/Hazard - INF

Redmond/Cuardrado - WNG

Kane/Costa - POA

Stones/Cahill - BPD

Dier/Zouma - CD

Then go wing backs at DR and DL


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Short passing

Mixed direction

Short distribution from keeper

No pressing or offside trap as defence will naturally be higher up and roles will press anyway

If losing goals still go with full backs instead of wing backs


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