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Players losing attributes


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I have only just noticed this so haven't had the opportunity to test it thoroughly but at least one player in each of my last 2 careers lost a lot of points in an attribute overnight. So Rajkovic  had broken into my squad in the second season but 1 day I noticed that he had lost 12 points of communication. Ended up at 3 and it wouldn't move so had to sell him as I like a goalie who can boss his defense

Career playing as SLB, Avdijaj lost 5 points of stamina overnight.

Both cases, the players didn't experience injury and there were no reports indicating this had happened - just noticed when I was looking at their stats a couple of months after it happened


Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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@phila Hi, some questions for you:

1. Have you used the ingame editor?

2. Was the player injured?

3. Can we see the progress graph?

4. And finally, do you have a save we can reproduce this from?

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Thanks for the reply

1. On the first one No. 2nd one -Yes. I opened it to confirm something an article on this site had mentioned but if I touched anything then it was by mistake

2. In both cases the player wasn't injured - or at least no report was shown indicating it and both players were available for all matches in the season concerned

3. Sorry I didn't think to take photos

4. Not for the second one. Maybe for the first. I'll see if I have a back up copy on my PC at home.


Sorry it doesn't look Im much help. If I notice it again, I'll get some copies

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