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Hi I am new to mobile football manager. I want to start a career with arsenal. I don't have the editor or sugar daddy so can anyone help with some tips please.

1. Who i should sign?

2. Who to sell?

3. Whats the best formation and tactics to use? 



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Hi! maybe you want to look at some tactics posted by the other members and probably try and create your own tactic in the way u want ur team to play. arsenal already has a rather strong team, so maybe u might want to get rid of players that dont fit ur formation and bring in decent backups. can consider getting a new GK cos thats a weak spot of arsenal and maybe bring in a CB as well. attack wise, just improve the general quality like getting lacazette like wads happening in real life. I have never payed with arsenal before so this is all i can help you with. Hope it's helpful!

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Thanks for your reply, I've started season now and signed dybala & Grimaldo. Playing a 4231. Going to get a GK after 1st season then I need to find a decent box to box CM that will be happy to be a rotation player!

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First of all I love playing Arsenal, lots of young talent in the squad.

My first signing is mostly Lacazette, as Giroud does not fit my playing style. I like my strikers to make runs and score from 1v1 situations, not just by crosses.

I mostly sell Giroud, loan out some young players ( Reine-Adelaide, Sanogo, Asano ). I also sell Cazorla, he is too old and I like to play with a lot of youngsters. For example : Lozano will cost you about 17 million, but 3 seasons later you can sell him for around 50/60 or even 70 if you're lucky. The same goes for Davinson Sanchez ( Ajax ) who will cost you about 16/17 million. There's lot of possibilities for great revenue on players. 

Grimaldo has lots of potential on the left wing back position and might not cost you that much. Enes Unal is a young striker ( loaned out to FC Twente in the first season ) who might be cheap but has good potential. Also Mbappé Lotin and Moise Kean may be good signings at the start of your career as back-up for Lacazette/Giroud/Welbeck or whoever you play up front.

I started an Arsenal career, you might want to check it out :


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