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Quick update:

1st season. The game itself have been playing till 14 Jan 2017.

Lets see some picture of the fixture and the transfer list that have been done.



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The last 4 games: -

Lose 3-2 to Brackley.

Draw 1-1 with Darlington.

Lose 2-1 to Nuneaton.

Win Gainsborough 2-0.

Having same point with Brackley(73 points), but lady luck on our side, we above them on 5th position with 19 GD against brackley 14 GD.

We managed to secure a semi-final playoff:


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Breaking News:

FC United of Manchester reach to the Final Playoff against Harrogate after win the match against Tamworth on both 1st and 2nd leg of semi-final playoff.

I make a change on the formation and tactics against Tamworth which surprised to myself that the formation actually kill the Tamworth by scoring 3-0 on 1st leg and 4-0 on 2nd leg.


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Feeling disappointed that my team cannot secure a win to go to league 2.

Injuries of my best players too.

But i will not give up next season. I'm going to spent a good amount of money to buy quality young players. 

Next season will be the FC United of Manchester year.

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2017/2018 Season:

Quick Update: Transfer window from my FC United of Manchester.




  1. Adriano Basso(No Club)
  2. Tom Smyth(To Hungerford)
  3. Jerome Wright(To Oxford City)
  4. Rory Fallon(To Welling)
  5. Gary McCarthy(No Club)
  6. Leon Logan(No Club)
  7. Moses Edmondson(No Club)


  1. Jimmy Dunne(From Burnley)
  2. Luke Croll(From Crystal Palace)
  3. Joe Wheatley(From Middelsbrough)
  4. Amos Hayles(From Wolves Youth)
  5. Steve Mayor(From Man City Youth)
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Intro 2 new players:

Jimmy Dunne and Luke Croll:

Jimmy Dunne(19 yrs old) - Defender20170822_174335.thumb.png.0db071ec6f04ceff451b5399f7151a37.png

Play for Manchester United Youth and Burnley. FC United is please to welcome him to the club.Screenshot_20170822-174221.thumb.png.e72b06b66729befd6837f79988f62b15.png

His Tackling(14) for a defender is consider not bad. He got the pace(11) and strength(10). His positioning(11) also good. For now i will rotate him to get him become better and at his age, he can get more better.Screenshot_20170822-174226.thumb.png.44c25d61380b2d3ea473978c0f84ef25.pngScreenshot_20170822-174231.thumb.png.65e3ca086081c88992cc71207db34bbd.png

Up next -

Luke Croll(22 yrs old) - Defender20170822_175440.thumb.png.7fb46363c35f1f9e7050dd2d485c70e0.png

Play for Crystal Palace(*real life Exeter City). A big welcome for him to join my club.Screenshot_20170822-175140.thumb.png.456eeebd192dc2557da6da74959bc345.png

He can get more better if i play him. But he need to prove me that he can make it to the 1st team.Screenshot_20170822-175153.thumb.png.c406c315b9e6b899ff66289c1d1d213c.pngScreenshot_20170822-175157.thumb.png.c44617896baf9a17f4195a8bb4c2e860.png

More to come.... stay tune to it.

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Next intro:

Joe Wheatley and Amos Hayles:

Joe Wheatley(20yrs old) Midfielder Center20170822_180310.thumb.png.94132779627cfef7d728451cde20aa6e.png

From Middlesbrough, a young prospect player that can be my Defensive midfielder which i'm lack of. Welcome to the club.


While looking at it. Aggression(19) and Decision(15) is high. Passing(12) is good, tackling can be good.Screenshot_20170822-180114.thumb.png.79cd51d0d412124431adf826b64dc809.png


Up next -

Amos Hayles(16 yrs old) Midfielder LeftScreenshot_20170822-180217.thumb.png.63fdaf374df96a84f2453871e50ed8a6.png

From the Wolves Youth.

Looking at the Season he played for wolves youth 2 goals, 1 assist. Not to worry Amos Hayles is still young, can improved more in the near future.Screenshot_20170822-180210.thumb.png.9bbc167ee2e2ec00293705a1fce1a667.png

Leadership(19) and Teamwork(17) is really high and good. But as a Midfielder who play Left flank. Crossing(12) ability and passing(10) is good.Screenshot_20170822-180214.thumb.png.2c5c121248bd712117ee127f1cc38772.png

More to come...stay tune.

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Steve Mayor(16 yrs old) GoalkeeperScreenshot_20170822-203900.thumb.png.79f6a93d650baa0036be68b79942444c.png

A young and future prospect goalkeeper at the age of 16 yrs old. Can be a future england goalkeeper if not can play at the higher level.Screenshot_20170822-203853.thumb.png.67e742c0372fc08d81a2dd8fe7b334b3.png

Well what can i said more. Pace(16), Stamina(10) and Strength(12). Aerial(10), Agility(11), Handling(11) and Reflexes(10), Positioning(10).??Screenshot_20170822-203857.thumb.png.ea50cd4478d7481f05a3cba4a015a58f.png

Thats all.

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Mayor and Croll look great. Will be interesting to see how good a players these two are going to become.

But i will send Mayor out on loan. To gain some experience.

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Intro 2 new signing players:

Harvey Rodgers(20 yrs old) Defender(C)20170827_102508.thumb.png.a130ae5a2c2d94500778760dfa4278eb.png

Harvey Rodgers from Hull City. A very potential good defenders.Screenshot_20170827-095931.thumb.png.54be18fc6d6f024e599182321e582b9e.png

Passing(12) Tackling(10) Agression(14) Movement(10) Pace(10). Seem that he will be the next star in the near future.Screenshot_20170827-101525.thumb.png.1baf826438148fdcec3577223e5396bc.pngScreenshot_20170827-101521.thumb.png.c525d2d141b420112ce49406bf065b5a.png

Next will be -

Jaime Negredo(16 yrs old) Midfielder(R). *He can also play center midfield and attacking midfield.Screenshot_20170827-101541.thumb.png.a776094d910c022c2f06ea7bd4434a82.png

From Spanish La Liga Real San Sebastián Club. A very young and talented players.Screenshot_20170827-101533.thumb.png.c9cf92a1b34eafb7f10e9778d3716aaf.pngScreenshot_20170827-101537.thumb.png.5f744e6514a3a2ad2e4ba5222570ede9.png

No need me to said more.

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A player who is unhappy for making a move to a next club. I'm really disappointed, i'm not saying that he can't go but i need him to stay till the end of the season.Screenshot_20170827-134843.thumb.png.ffd41ee567145566b81f257394759a35.png20170827_181222.thumb.png.dcb2e795260302a40df2a4c59f4e4b86.png

Chris Chantler from now on his not going to be in the first team. The player who covered the left back position will be 22 yrs old Luke Croll(the next star that most probably next season might leave the club if he play well). *I hope that Luke Croll will stay with the club.

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January Transfer Window20170901_211016.thumb.png.bd285e2af8e830e3e69dee9eacc0436b.png

Burton made an offer for Leo Chambers for £75k. I accepted the offer. Since Leo Chambers doesn't want to signed new contract.20170901_211037.thumb.png.584279d10069046a5dfb0f69d09d1f75.png

Same goes to Chris Chantler, so i accept the offer from Carlisle - £28k.

more to come...stay tune..

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Man, Negredo and Rodgers look great prospects. Great finds. Key is holding on to them but once they get some decent performances in clubs will come knocking on your door. Hope you can at least make good money off of them.

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On 02/09/2017 at 21:43, BatiGoal said:

Man, Negredo and Rodgers look great prospects. Great finds. Key is holding on to them but once they get some decent performances in clubs will come knocking on your door. Hope you can at least make good money off of them.

anyway i have found a few prospect for this season. will update by tonight. standby for more to come.

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