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Challenges Hard Mode/Selling Club


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After looking back at a post about how easy the game is in the top leagues I had some thoughts about how to make it harder for players who like to use their favourite teams but find it a walk in the park.

This is only going to be based on the English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Portuguese leagues.

New Transfer Rules

Spending caps

You are capped as to how much you may spend on a player as follows.

England, Spain - £5m

Germany, Italy - £3m

France, Holland, Portugal - £1.5m

Salary Caps

Along with the new transfer policies there will be wage caps on players. You may not offer any player a wage above this cap and you may not offer above this cap for any contract renewals.The caps are per week and as follows

England, Spain - £70,000

Germany, Italy - £50,000

France, Holland, Portugal - £30,000

Age Cap

So by now you're probably thinking you can sweep up some wonderkids to stay under the monetary caps. Well you may only sign players 21 years old or older, unless promotes from your academy.

Selling Club

To make things a little harder, you must accept any and all transfer offers made for your players, you must also accept any transfer requests from your players.


The challenge is simple, you must win all titles available to you. The Europa League is a bonus if you manage to get that but not a requirement.


Hope you guys like this "hard mode"

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Sounds too hard for me LOL! ? 

No, sounds like a great challenge! Might try it sometime, but thinking of a final 1KC on FMM 2017 at the moment, so this might have to wait. Wouldn't mind watching someone try it though...

Anyway, nice work!

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Woo.. I actually did something like this before, I signed all players less than 1 million. Never offered high wages. Accepted all transfer request and offers. Won everything and made the club super rich. Wasn't using a big club and since most players are not high profile, selling top performing players didnt actually upset others. It was fun, but after I had so much money I just start offering crazy money and aimed to fill my squad with the most expensive players.. LOL

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Sounds like a good challenge ... 

Maybe add one more rule to help move along the accepting offers part and that would be all new contracts /players signed and when u can afford to resign current players you must include the Big Club Release Clause and also accept any Loan to Buy offers can't reject Loan if the other team adds it in ... Just some thoughts to try to keep it in Selling/Hard mode plus can't negotiate higher prices with Big Club Release ...

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