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Maurizio Sarri has been hailed as one of the best managers in the world by Pep Guardiola. His Napoli side have taken Serie A by storm and are currently second in the league trailing only Inter Milan.


The Tactic:


Team Instructions:


Sarri’s side attacks and defends as a unit. They attack with all 10 men without our comprising their defensive structure. Sarri has tried to eliminate the need for a transition from attack to defense and vice versa. They do this by keeping their shape while attacking and defending. 

I have done my best to try to recreate the amazing possession tactic that Maurizio Sarri has brought to Napoli. 



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9 hours ago, Markcoad said:

Eme or ome?

It's EME as there is the 'Clear Cut Chances' on the match screen.

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Love this tactic. Started playing a 3-4-3 was winning a lot but couldn’t beat Arsenal, Utd etc, changed to this and boom, won everything for 2 years running

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