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I got bored of playing my FC Halifax save and started new one with Arsenal...this is the first time I manage a big, rich team on mobile...never face this issue on PC!

Anyway I was into my 2nd season, I've sold many players like Theo, Ospina, Coq and Alexis, so lots of wage cleared...I have £182m transfer budget and huge wage budget as well...it says max wage allowed is 275k p/w...so I go to buy Pulisic for 61mil but now wont allow me to offer more than 130k p/w ?! Pulisic wants 220k p/w...the same happen when I try to offer Thomas Lemar a contract!

How to I get around this issue ? Is it because Arsenal board feels Pulisic/Lemar not worth paying that much p/w ? Its pretty stupid that I cant pay them something I can afford! They were supposed to be my first ever signing ugh...

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11 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Yep, it’s the board. They will only allow you to pay what they think the player is worth.

It annoys me too.

Then how do I tell SI to change this ? On PC we are allowed to set their status like key player first  team etc... but Mobile nope and thats a big issue!

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8 hours ago, samhardy said:

Have you tried adjusting the budgets? If you go into finances and toggle the transfer and wage amounts then it sometimes allows you to offer more wages.

Tried that, at one point my wage budget is 6mil and wage bill 2.5mil but still cant offer more than 130k! I guess its the board after all, maybe they see these player as first team player only sigh...

We should be able to set the players squad status for next series

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