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Challenges The "GREATEST" ~ A _LoGiC_ Challenge


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WARNING Feel free to try the challenge, but bewarned as this challenge is a pretty hard ( imo ) one, with that said my luck is with those who dares attempt the challenge itself...GOOD LUCK!!



Since the beginning of time...There always been a discussion of who has been the GREATEST player to have ever grace the beautiful game. Those who lived during the 20th century would have probably chose Pélé, for some the name Diego Maradona comes to mind, while others preferred the talented geniuses in the likes of Johan Cruyff, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, etc.This is not accounting for the goal machines, two of these said machines have the same name ( Ronaldo ) etched into their birthcertificate.Personally i see the greatest symbol of football In Lionel Messi, the complete footballer that represents the beauty that the game can bring

But.... this article is not dedicated to tell their stories and what they have achived, but i have created this very challenge so you guys can etched your story, achievements in history!!So... with that said here are the challenge itself :


1 ) Load any league(s) of your preferration/choosing

2 ) Select a player to be your so called "chosen one"

3 ) Once said player have been chosen, that player cannot be chosen again


This is probably the hard part of the challenge, so for those who wants to attempt the challenge, Brace yourselves! 

a ) Main

1 ) Score - at the least - 1000 goals in your career ( INT and Club-level )

 2 ) Be a part of 3 world cup-winning side or more

3 ) Be a part of 2 treble-winning side or more

4 ) Amassed a total of 5 Ballon D'Or or more

5 ) Be named as Best Player in Europe atleast 3 times

6 ) Be named in the Team Of The Year atleast 4 times

b ) Additional

1 ) Become the most expensive player in the world

2 ) Stay at a single club throughout your whole career

3 ) Amassed a total of 200 assists or more

4 ) Score goals from open play & free-kicks only ( no penalties )

5 ) Captain your for atleast 5 seaons


1 ) Sugar Daddy are allowed!

2 ) You are allowed to manage both INT & Club Management from the start

2 ) No Cheating/Resetting

3 ) No In-Game Editor (IGE)

4 ) Own formations only!

5 ) An article as proof of attempting the challenge


1 ]

2 ]

3 ]

4 ]

5 ]

With that said...Good Luck!! And let the games begin...!!!

~ _LoGiC_

Edited by _LoGiC_
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