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Challenges The Finnish Fluke Challenge

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The Finnish Fluke Challenge

Hello all! It has been a long time since I have used this regularly, but I have found myself drawn back into FMM 2018 recently. While playing this, I started a long term Liverpool saved. However, on the Liverpool reserve team, I found one player in particular that caught my eye. That player is none other than the Finnish Patrik Raitanen.


While looking at him, all I could think was, "How could a player of such immense quality be left to rot in the reserves of Liverpool's reserves? This man surely should be a household name and a prem star".  All of those red and orange stats simply SCREAMED stud. Raitanen deserves to be known worldwide. I simply could not understand why such was not the case.

Fortunately, this is where you come in to help.

Your objective is to turn Raitanen into a worldwide star, the savior of Finnish football. How you go about this is up to you, with a few rules

  • Must be used by a top division team in any of the major 5 leagues
  • No player editor used
  • No cheating/reloading
  • May be played out of position
  • Can make as many transfers as seen fit
  • Any tactics allowed

Simple enough, very loose regulations. Just make him well known

Points system

  • Total games played - 30 = Usage points (i.e. if I used him 50 games, I would receive 20 points)
  • Goals per year x 4 =Scoring points
  • Assists x 4=Assist points
  • Young player of the year=25 points
  • Domestic player of the year=75 points
  • Best player in Europe=125 points
  • Division title=25 points
  • Countries main league cup win=25 points
  • Europa league win=50 points
  • UCL win=100 points
  • UEFA super cup win=75 points

Raitanen deserves his trophy cabinet to be filled with accolades and victories, so go forth and create the best player Finland has ever seen! 



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Tbf for his age he doesn't look all that bad as a very basic centre back. He's already decent in the air and positioning is also decent and the more important attribute of the two defensive ones imo. 

The biggest issue is his physical stats which could make him a pain but he's 16 so they could develop nicely. 

If you get his blues to green, his tackling to blue and his physical up you have a sold enough CB, sure at a glance he looks awful but if you look at the stats he'd actually use he's not that bad at all. 

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