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Career Barnet FC- The Bee's Sting Strikes


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Good Evening All,

Choosing the Career

I have wanted to do a career with Barnet FC for a long time. They are a local club for me and a good challenge as they historically yo-yo and disapoint. Could i be the man to provide some positivity to The Bees?

Stadium & Facilities

As you can see below, You start at Barnet FC with Impressive Training Facilities, Average youth Facilities and an impressive stadium for a National league side. As one of my first tasks as manager, I asked the board if any of these could be improved to which they declined. This is understandable due to my new appointment and position Barnet FC currently hold.



Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my Holiday stance and Delegation as seen below:



Staff,Finances and Training

As seen above, The Facilities were impressive but not groundbreaking meaning i would need to manage the club efficiently. The Staff got a freshen up with 1x new Silver Scout and 1x Silver Physio along with changing the Training Sessions and maintaining a healthy budget AFTER transfers.



As always, I wanted Barnet FC to adapt to my Tiki Taka system.This was a difficult ask for the quality of players in this team & 2 losses in my first games got me worried. The continued intensive training along with some well bought players helped the team grasp the essence and starting winning.


The Squad

The Barnet FC squad started off in a good way to begin with the Board expecting promotion, However I felt a lot of changes were required. Why? When I came to Barnet FC they had a lot of youth & players who either didnt fit in our system or were not good enough for us I felt. We loaned out the youth, sold the unneeded & bought 14x new players who were fit and ready for the Barnet FC challenge.



First off, Barnet FC won the Vanarama National League. The stats show what an incredible job this team did with the best defence, best goal differerance as well as a 16 point gap! This is an unbelievable achievement over 46 tough matches.



Barnet FC took their success one step further by also bringing home The BuildBase FA Trophy. The final was extremely competitive(as seen below) and with tough opposition(see the league) but that bit of extra quality was the difference. The result & trophy were very well deserved & a double in my first year shows how far we have come. I couldnt be happier for the Bee's!!



THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

Manager Statistics


League Results


Screenshot_20180813-204251_FMM 2018.jpg

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