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How To Unlock 'Abolish Work Permits' In 15 Minutes Or Less

Tired of missing out on a wonderkid because of a work permit? It takes 15 minutes or less to obtain the 'Abolish Work Permits' unlockable by signing a lot of experienced non-european players.

1. Start a new career as Manchester City with only English leagues loaded.

2. Demote all players that are out on loan, not selected or on the bench to make room for the influx of players.

3. Go to Player Search. Tap View and change from General to International.


4. Tap on the Caps column to sort by most international appearances (the more caps a player has, the higher the chance of a work permit being granted).


5. Tap Customise and select a nation outside of Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, etc.)


6. Go through the list and put bids in for the cheapest, most capped players but make sure they do not have a European country as their second nationality!

For example, you should sign this player...


...but not this one!


City have plenty of money so you shouldn't run out if you stick to £5-15m signings. Selling your top players may help, as will checking the free agents list where you can pick up at least 4 or 5 players for free.

7. Agree personal terms and if the player needs a work permit, you will see this message:


If they have plenty of caps, no problem. If they join straight away without a work permit, then you missed the advice in step 6.

8. Repeat this approximately 20 times (it took 19 signings for me) and you will unlock an achievement:


Closely followed by the unlockable:


Now you can exit the game, load your real save or start a new one, and select 'Abolish Work Permits' from the unlockables section in Settings:


Hope that helps someone 😀

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Wow, that looks very good! Thanks for the tip, this should help me.
Signing South-American talents is a straight up pain in the butt this game. The Dutch league never had work permits, but now they all of a sudden have them.

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