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Help I'm looking for ome tactics for lower leagues


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6 hours ago, liverpoolsim said:

Message me think i can help.




This is not how we do it here Sim.

First you post a topic with your tactic, by only using player roles that no one ever herd of - for example sweaper keeper, libero, anchor man, defensive winger, trequarista or defensive forward. You also post your results. Beating small teams like Pescara, Eibar or Manchester City 10 to 0 is good. Beating big teams like Juventus, FC Bayern or Barcelona 4 to 0 is great. Make sure to give your tactic a decent name - GODMODE or LOOK MAA NO HANDS are already in use.

You have my curiosity. Hope you win my attention.

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Took over at Dulwich Hamlet - my first game was @ Hemel. To be completely fair I’ve managed to sign a few strong players for the division so not sure how it would work without them. Defensive tactics are default settings.






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1 hour ago, M00re said:

Guys I`ll give those tactics a try. So far I don`t have anything to work with. I`m a poor manager.

Practice makes perfect 👍

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Hi i told( Markcoad/GlenLufcest1919) i would upload this last night, sorry guys 👐,

i've used this tactic for 3 seasons and it is the best most consistent i've used.

in my first season with a poor bradford city squad i won the championship with 110 points

(no proof) second season i finished 5th in premiership 2 points behind 2nd (no proof)

12 behind arsenal who did not lose a game, these pics are of my 3rd season which i did not

finish as liverpool offered me the job and i could not refuse, the only problem i have with this

tactic is goals so if you can improve it let me know. good luck

Cheers Sim


p.s also won copa america with colombia 










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Liverpoolsim share the shape/defence and attack of your tactic.

EDIT: Your tactic is really good. Even my poor management was unable to spoil it.

Edited by M00re
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